Caravan-Salon - Airstream Caravan & special models

Caravan-Salon - Airstream Caravan and other special models

In 1931, Airstream's company story began with Wally Byam's dream of building a light residential trailer that slides through the wind with the slightest resistance.

In keeping with the creed of the company's founder - "Let us continually improve and not constantly change things" - all models are up to date with state-of-the-art technology and your expectations of comfortable caravaning with almost the same shape.


This mobile home is intended to serve the special requirements of a musician as a rolling accommodation .......


so it has all the features of the equipment, which make life a pleasant experience as a touring bus.


Another special feature is this monster of an American truck, which looks as if it has loaded a steam engine, but instead preparing the most delicious grill dishes.


Here again, it is the outer facade, which probably shows the favorite motif of its owner by Air Brush painting.


And look, there is also a new variation of the notorious Caretta from Turkey, here in the version of the Off Road trailer with rough tires, interesting technical innovations and equipped with tools.


A foldable small moped with battery drive and really torque that we could test.


Even the nostalgic vehicle of a local beer producer was not missing.


Very innovative, too, what is happening on the bicycle market, clearly in trend are folding bicycles, which ......


in this way easily find space enough in the storage room and also in the trunk.


And of course the favorite vehicle of so many off-roaders, the Unimog. Here with a compact box construction as a mobile home. We could continue this list of special vehicles for a while, because there are now so many intermediate versions, there is something for everyone.

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