Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf Outdoor - What is Pickert?

Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf Outdoor Activities - What is Pickert?

Today, the Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf was expanded to include outdoor activities in Hall 6, where a large number of exhibitors from Germany and abroad presented their offers in hiking and cycling, as well as many other sporting activities that could also be actively shaped.

So there was a bike parkour, a climbing wall, a high-rope garden and a mountain bike test track. Of course, the necessary "equipment and clothing" was not missing, so there were bicycles with belt drive presented as minibikes, which are easy to maintain due to their equipment even for high demands.

Particularly strongly represented were the offers in the hiking, where the offers from Greece, especially from the islands, were noticeable in wide variety. To many offers there were detailed routes, which are also presented in hiking guides of different publishers. As well the so different regions in the hiking in Germany were presented, from the flat north to the Alps, from the west to the east.

The stand from Detmold, which already invited to the hiking day 2018, was noticeable here. Remarkable also because the smell of freshly baked rose into the nose from the distance already. We followed the scent and were promptly addressed by a young lady in a typical local dress - Do you know Pickert? What we had to negate, since the word already was completely unknown to us.

Ostwestfalen is Pickert  land, so explaining the official picket princess. You can take it everywhere, it's easy to prepare. It is pure nature, as it has been for centuries. Pickert is food culture, Pickert is home. With Pickert, we have overcome many hardships, now as now.

We almost had to stop her a little, so it bubbled out. But what is it really, then we threw in. And then the explanation followed: Pickert is a yeast dough without sugar with raw grated potatoes, with or without raisins, which is also available as a ready-made baking mix. The picker is served sweet with gold juice or hearty with liver sausage or with homemade butter and with a cup of coffee. It consists of flour, potatoes, milk, eggs, yeast, a pinch of salt and / or raisins.

A little later, there was finally also a tasting, freshly baked in oil. Very tasty, but careful: also very hot!

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