Innovative modular platform concept for pick-ups

Innovative modular platform concept for pick-up and transporters

Our explorations through the halls of the Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf once more brought us to an exhibitor's stand, which was first noticed by an oriental carpet and the coffee service on it.


Then the view of the aluminum box seen in the picture with various utensils for the coffee preparation as well as the pleasant design, which contained practically all the things needed for a luxurious picnic outdoors took our attention.


Our interest was aroused, so we directly addressed the people at the stand, Mr. Joachim Greiner and Mr. Amir Shari, who explained their modular platform concept for pick-up vehicles or transporters in detail, which can be used multifunctional. It has been very interesting, especially regarding the possible breadth of applications.


The mobile platform system in the vehicle allows the user to easily change various modules so that the loading area is not installed with free-standing boxes. Whether used commercially or privately, the vehicle used becomes a multi talent.


Some of the talents of the system:
- several multifunctional boxes can be transported at the same time
- a transport cart allows the handling of heavy tools in the boxes
- the transport vehicle also enables the independent use of the boxes without a vehicle
- one person can handle the entire system
- the power supply integrated in the vehicle charges batteries and devices


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