Space is even in the smallest cabin - campers can manage

Space is even in the smallest cabin - campers can manage

An interesting meeting took place in Budapest, where we met Monika and her family, who next to traveling south, wanted to enjoy the autumnal flair of the Hungarian capital on the way to the south.


On the eve long trip through the city of Budapest, it should come to first meeting with an acquaintance discussions the next morning, when the common kitchen of the camping Ave Natura was used to prepare coffee.


And again, we were surprised to hear, even being a traveler too, what motivates campers to their activities. In the case of Monika and her husband it was the idea to show different countries and cultures while traveling. They should already experience by getting into contact with locals international. Good idea.


So for Monika is the mediation of foreign cultural assets to her family the most important reason for traveling, which, by the way, consist of four other people, her husband and three children and not to forget, their dog, all of whom are accommodated in the VW bus shown in the picture.


We will certainly meet again somewhere on the road, also to tell about the family and their travel experiences. Well, but first we wish for them to enjoy their breakfast without further interruption.

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