From Monastery Andechs to Herrsching passing Kiental

From Monastery Andechs to Herrsching passing Kiental valley

The search for a place to stay next to the Ammersee had directed us to the monastery Andechs on Bavaria's holy mountain with the famous Benedictine monastery and the no less famous Bräustüberl / local brewery and pub with famous Andechs beer.


After the cancellations of various campsites due to the prevailing high season, we arrived late in the morning after our appointment, so there was enough time for a long hike from the camper pitch up to the monastery, then continue over the bridge down towards Herrsching in the afternoon.


The path from the monastery to Herrsching leads, after a short descent to the first bridge, passing Kiental with its rugged rocks and the Kienbach, which is now leisurely more like a small stream.


The ascent on the other side of the valley follows and after the passage of an elongated plateau, the forest looks like real jungle, with huge roots, trees that grow around rocks, sometimes almost like from another planet.


With a small continuous gradient, it goes through beautiful mixed forest along the Kiental, a path that is easy to master even with smaller children. From time to time, the forest opens a little and opens the view to the Ammersee.


After some of the magnificent villas and residential buildings, you will pass through the outskirts of Herrsching until it gets a bit complicated. At a small church, it is on the other side of the village already, we again needed to go out into the woods and back to the pitch.


Thanks to the perfectly functioning internet over here, we quickly could find the right turns, even later in the forest the navigation with the hiking map was no problem. Already on arrival we were a little annoyed, as there is almost no network connection next to the monastery.


We went back through not less dense forest, sometimes up, little later there was a small stream, which was our companion for a while.


Farther up there was even a small waterfall that was able to captivate us for a moment.


A little later we left the dense forest and a part of the way went along a huge meadow. The view back to the monastery over the field was simply enchanting.


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