Ahmet Arpad - People with Talking Eyes - Photographs

Ahmet Arpad - People with Talking Eyes - Photographs

Already several years ago, we had written a small, first article about the photographs of Ahmet Arpad, which had been shown with his motto "Man-made landscapes" in Göppingen and Geislingen.

The following year, an exhibition of color photographs followed, for the first time Arpad used the title "People with Talking Eyes". So far, these photographs have been shown in more than 35 solo exhibitions in Germany and Turkey. However, the actual motto for Ahmet Arpad is always: The focus is on the human being.

In his pictures taken over a period of fifteen years, Ahmet Arpad not only wants to bring the viewer closer to his real home, but also to convey a feeling of acceptance and belonging to his compatriots in Germany. The traveling exhibition was initiated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the recruitment agreement between Germany and Turkey in October 2011. Meanwhile, the exhibitions are already running in the 7th year.

Black and white photographs of Ahmet Arpad in Biberach

Again and again changing visual material continues to attract broad interest among friends of photography, so hopefully this time, when black-and-white photographs will form the focal point of the exhibition. These photographs were also taken during the photographic journeys of the journalist, author, translator and avid photographer Ahmet Arpad.

The recently started photo exhibition in the VHS in Biberach aims to promote mutual understanding and tolerance in difficult times.

Just started, this year's exhibition will remain in Biberach until March 23, where it will be on display from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm.

At the center of the exhibition are "People with Talking Eyes" as the artist Ahmet Arpad calls them, hence the title of "Human Landscapes". The black and white and color shots are right in the middle of life. Authentic, open, undisguised and direct, they portray people from Istanbul and Anatolia, whom Arpad met in 15 years on his travels. He still has contact with some of them today.

A photo exhibition for mutual understanding and tolerance! Ahmet Arpad's travels took him to Ireland, Egypt, Israel, Nepal, but especially to the most remote regions of Turkey.

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