Dramatic scenes next to the harbour of Antalya

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Due to a violent storm and high waves next to the port of Antalya / Kaleici the crew of the Bolivian vessel “Sea Bright” lost the control about the ship which then crashed into the cliffs next to the shore. Because of the storm the crew needed to leave the ship by the help of ropes.

Civil Disobedience or Terrorists in Gezi Park, Istanbul? Which side is responsible for the rising events?

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Just as the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wanted to add a new project to the previous and ongoing great projects under his government such as Hasan Keyf Dam Project, Allianoi / Bergama Dam, the Black Sea – Marmara Channel (the Plinius Channel), a third airport and a third Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul for the economically developing Turkey,

Backpackers - St Pauls Trail

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Sucullu, a small town of 5.000 people on the St Paul Trail close to Antioch in Pisidia, is having a traditional folk festival. On 17th July, traditionally-dressed villagers with their animals will walk from the mosque in Yalvaç, past the ruins at Antioch, along the aqueduct to Sucullu (about 2-3 hrs walk).

Animal Protection Association invites to bazaar

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The Animal Protection Association "Incekum ve Avsallar Hayvan Dostlari Dernegi" was founded in 2009 by German and Turkish citizens in Avsallar. The association wants to neutering the population of the streets to contain animals and thus secure their lives and survival. Emergencies are handled within the capacity of veterinary.

A message from Izmir to Van: You Are Not Alone...

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The students of İzmir Private Çamlaraltı College, sensitively approaching to the social problems, making the necessary planning for the solution in order to make it happen, have started a social aid campaign after the 7.2 earthquake in order to give a message to their friends in Van; "We’re feeling your feelings; You are not alone".

2nd Tourism Summer School in Izmir, Turkey

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Young students, experts, professionals and people who love tourism from all over the Mediterranean and the world, will meet this September in the historical city of Izmir, Turkey, between the dates 11-16. The Summer School is supported by Dokuz Eylül University and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

Online parking fee website

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As in many cities in Turkey, it was recognized in Alanya that all cash-strapped cities can be filled with parking fees for cars in the inner cities very well. Although these regulations sometimes appear annoying for the user, they at least have contributed to a considerable improvement of the situation on the roads in Alanya.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 9/2011 We are on our way back...

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Our visit in Sanliurfa

It is, as if the blue sky, which reveals itself as if from parts of clouds and green hills is waving to us. The primary reason for our visit in Şanlıurfa, which is also is known as “City of Prophets” and which was in its busy times during our visit, was our desire to see Göbekli Hill, which bears the traces of transition to settled life.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 8/2011 Taming of water!

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Taming of water at Roman baths

Involvement of human beings with water goes back to earliest days of history. The article about Roman thermal baths and baths in antiquity, evolution of thermal baths, culture of bathing will indeed fascinate you all.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 7/2010 Be Impatient to Discover

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Be Impatient to Discover

Each journey we take sweeps us into another world and enables us to experience the different sides of life. Indeed, that is precisely what keeps us alive. Wherever you are at this moment is the starting point of the journey.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 6/2010 Adventures in Antalya

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Adventures in Antalya

We are smack bang in the middle of summer season and surely enough; we could not go without telling the story of “Blue Cruise” gulet voyages, a legacy that has been left by the Fisherman of Halikarnassos.

Alaturka Journal Nr: 4/2009 Discovery Never Ends

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Discovery Never Ends

During our visit at some friends in Didim we had the opportunity to see some places next to the touristic spots of Didim. We heard about an old Greek village with old stone houses, we would like to see...

Alaturka Journal Nr: 3/2009 The Land of Beautiful Horses

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The Land of Beautiful Horses

The most valuable rocks of the world; of course they took some time- roughly 10 million years… First the lavas erupted, and then the ashes covered it up. It was woken up by the rain. Its scarped head would almost touch the sky…

Alaturka Journal Nr: 1/2009 Manavgat is beautiful!

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Manavgat is beautiful

With its ebulliently running river, rumbling waterfall, evergreen uplands, pine scented air, delta, fishers casting their flies into the gleaming waters, ancient cities located in her bordersand the Monday bazaar in the town. 

In Düsseldorf trends in the caravanning industry are on show

In Düsseldorf the trends in the caravanning industry are on show

CARAVAN SALON will also live up to its position as the leading trade fair for the caravanning sector this year. From 27 August to 4 September 2022 (Preview Day on 26 August) 736 exhibitors will be presenting motorhomes, caravans and campervans in a wide variety of price ranges in 16 halls and on the outdoor premises.

P. Marubb i and photographers in the Ottoman era

Pietro Marubbi and photographers in the Ottoman era

Marubi Museum is glad to invite you at the opening of a unique exhibition which puts together the work of some of the most important photographers of the Ottoman Era, also including part of Pietro Marubi collection recently discovered in the photographic collection of Sultan Abdülhamid II in Istanbul.

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