Steely Five - The World of Rock in Wörth an der Donau

Steely Five - The World of Rock in Wörth an der Donau

During our stay at the campsite in Pielenhofen, we received an invitation from Chris to take part in an evening of music of the genre "The World of Rock" in Wörth an der Donau.

Since Chris is not only co-organizer of our planned literature and encounter festival, but also at least co-organizes various band projects as a bass player, we were looking forward to an evening of classic rock music as part of the Bürgerfest in Wörth. That evening it was the music project Steely Five that was supposed to play in Wörth.

The second smallest wine-growing region in Germany

steely five 05From Pielenhofen to Wörth it is around forty kilometres that we covered on the country road, since we had also decided to make a short stopover at the Walhalla near Donaustauf. We will report on this separately. Immediately behind Regensburg, some slopes with vineyards could be seen, which surprised us at first. However, we quickly learned that viticulture in the area around Wörth has been practiced for at least 1,500 years. The Romans are likely to have brought the wine to the southern slopes of the foothills of the Bavarian Forest, although archaeological evidence of this is missing. Around the year 800 almost all hills in Wörth were planted with vines. Around the year 1700 to 1800 viticulture was at its peak. At the beginning of the 19th century a clear decline became noticeable. In the years 1800 to 1809 about 50 days were planted with vines. Today the Bavarian wine is mainly cultivated again in Kruckenberg, Bach an der Donau, but also in Wörth and Tiefenthal. We are proudly told that it is the second smallest wine-growing region in Germany. So, we are no longer surprised that numerous wine bars greet us as we continue on our way to Wörth. We are on the wine route to Wörth.

Rock is the name of Steely Five's program

steely five 06We arrived at the citizens' festival just in time for the concert to begin, and it came to an end as the Sunday evening progressed. There was a short welcome on stage by the band members who had already gathered for the sound check. Despite having an external sound engineer at the mixing desk, the optimal sound settings were quickly found so that the concert could begin:

Rock is the name of Steely Five's program. Part of the party in this music project are Hanna on the saxophone, on the keyboards and of course with her voice, Markus on the guitar and as an excellent lead singer, the magician on the guitar named Günther, Peter on the drums and of course Chris on the bass.

steely five 07So there were also Steely Five live versions of the songs of well-known bands from Foreigner to Queen, from Gary Moore to Pink Floyd. It's no wonder that the audience got involved quickly and wasn't really driven away by the onset of rain. So we spent an evening of classic rock music in Wörth an der Donau, drank a non-alcoholic wheat beer and enjoyed the crackers in the bread rolls offered by the fire brigade, which were really very good.

As darkness set in, we made our way back to the campsite in Pielenhofen, where we ran into swarms of mayflies on the Naab, which had probably just hatched and were now circling over the road near the bank. An extremely unpleasant, albeit natural, spectacle.

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