Evening cabaret at the Rino campsite

Evening cabaret at the Rino campsite

Some people are really spontaneous and willing to do something for the greater good. And even if it was only a small audience - an audience could hardly have been more international than Judith turned her 2CV around in the evening and gave a small concert on the piano.

Already in the afternoon Judith was busy with some activities that we couldn't initially interpret.

That an electronic piano can be inserted

kleinkunst ohridsee 07A little later we were to see what else was "accommodated" in the above-mentioned large box duck 2CV vehicle: the seat was designed in such a way that an electronic piano can be inserted into its base.

Judith had now set this up and carried out some basic musical exercises with the headphones.

Over a coffee, which we offered during her break, she explained to us that it was urgently time to do some exercises on the piano again.

A few moments later the idea for the evening concert was born.

kleinkunst ohridsee 02Just a little consultation with Rino to register the event and the event could be prepared. Judith continued her exercises and rehearsed a few pieces for the concert evening at the Rino campsite.

At around 9 p.m. we turned the box duck over because Judith wanted to use the loading area as a piano stool. With both double doors wide open, instrument lighting installed below the sunshade, and the electronic piano set up in front of it, the concert could begin.

kleinkunst ohridsee 05And as soon as the first notes sounded, the first campers began to gather, some of them amazed and surprised, the camping chairs were quickly set up, some cool drinks were brought along and everyone listened eagerly to the musical performance of our camping neighbour Judith from Marseille.

A great atmosphere that spread across the square.

Plus, the international audience from Poland, Romania, Macedonia, France, Turkey and Germany. How simple and relaxing music can contribute to international understanding.

kleinkunst ohridsee 04Judith also presented us with a colourful mix of slightly tragic melodies from southern countries, which she interspersed with her own creations. In between there were some explanations of the pieces, questions from the listeners were answered and real enthusiasm arose: a camper from Poland said that he could hardly have imagined a more beautiful final evening of his stay here on Lake Ohrid. A young marketing student from Romania who is studying in London replied that after this concert on the lakeshore he couldn't have imagined a better way to start his stay.

Judith was then released from her engagement with much applause; everyone would have loved to listen to more pieces. A lovely evening at the Rino campsite, which continued with long rounds of conversation.

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