Multi-tasking caravan at Fendt-Caravan both - garage in the bow

Multi-tasking caravan at Fendt-Caravan both - garage in the bow

We continued our journey through the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf in Hall 9 at the Fendt-Caravan stand today, where we were particularly interested in the Bianco Emotion, which is one of the few caravans to have a large garage in the bow, big enough to take two mountain bikes without disassembling them.

Caravans today are more than just home for the most important time of the year, the days of holiday. So it is not surprising that the manufacturers try to meet the wishes of their customers more and more, which is often not easy due to the diverse activities of campers. A typical example of such diverse interests and demands is the wet room as a sample: it is more or less ok, that everyone wants a toilet, even if then individual owners prefer the way to the public toilet at the campsite. Even the shower in the caravan is controversial discussed: while some users would never use the public shower at the campsite, it is just natural for others. Finding solutions that match the ideas of as many users as possible is not without its limits.

Storage space and transport - Fendt Caravan Bianco Emotion

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_bianco-bugstauraum-1.jpgThe subject of transport of bicycles is discussed in a similar controversial way. For many campers it goes without discussing that bicycles are stowed on the bicycle carriers at the rear or on the clutch axle. Both have clear advantages and disadvantages. For example, it may be too tight to open the rear door of the caravan or the tailgate of the car. The degree of pollution is also blatant. If you want to carry expensive wheels with battery support, the question of alternative storage space comes up quickly: why not in the interior?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_bianco-bugstauraum-2.jpgFendt Caravan has taken the idea of ​​many campers seriously and equipped a caravan type with a large storage space in the bow, big enough to set up the bikes there by means of large exterior door. For this purpose, the raised bed (lying area 1.40 meters by 2.10 meters) is folded up in the back, that results in the height of large storage space, which of course can not be used for the wheels only. Designed for two people, the model Bianco Emotion is a real option for bicycle enthusiasts not only to take the wheels with them on their journey, but also to transport them safely and free of dirt without losing much of their living space in the caravan. A successful solution with a useful length of 4.82 meters inside and 2.32 meters wide.

Kitchen and Bath - Fendt Caravan Bianco Emotion

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_bianco-bugstauraum-3.jpgFor example, the washroom in the Fendt Caravan Bianco Emotion is equipped with generous shelves below the washbasin and illuminated mirror, the washbasin in white with plenty of space, bathroom cabinet and washroom window that can be raised to extend the shower hose to the outside, allowing for outdoor showering. The flush toilet is equipped with a diode level indicator and the sewage tank is roll able.

The 3-burner stove in the kitchen is equipped with automatic ignition and ignition protection, has a cast iron grate and a glass cover. A 105 liter refrigerator with removable freezer compartment and interior lighting, a separate stainless steel sink with mixer tap are also part of the basic equipment. All storage boxes in the kitchen are equipped with soft-close hinges. In short, you can set yourself up and feel good.

Living and sleeping - Fendt Caravan Bianco Emotion

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_bianco-bugstauraum-4.jpgAll furniture are in "Nabucco Cherry decor", the upholstery "Padua" is used. The lighting consists entirely of LED lights with 2 circuits, the indirect lighting of LED. The slatted frame of the divisible bed (to preserve the storage) is equipped with fully flexible and permanently elastic articulated bridges and hardness adjustment, the mattresses are made of comfort foam.

In short: a real alternative for two people who want to organize their active holidays with caravans and bicycles.

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