Mobile working in Fendt - adfendture - Connect

Mobile working in Fendt - adfendture - Connect

At a campsite, traveling in a motorhome or simply in the open air – those who can work on the go are usually completely location-independent.

We were able to gain this experience and the many advantages during our project years in many countries, a time that, shortly before the Corona pandemic, also gave us an insight into a completely different way of life. While he was still traveling with a “conventional” caravan, a lot has happened in the meantime, not least due to the pandemic. Nowadays, this type of work is not only an option for more and more employees and especially freelancers, but also opens up completely new perspectives. So it's no wonder that the camping industry is also opening up to "mobile working" and is designing new types of vehicles or converting existing models so that the focus is clearly on working on the go, no longer "just" recreational vehicles for vacation. It is obvious that this transformation will always be a balancing act. But more on that later.

apero thomas kamm 02During the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, we had the opportunity to take a closer look at such a difficult balancing act, because with the “adfendture” study, Fendt Caravan brought a new concept to the trade fair for the first time, which was entirely in the spirit of mobile was aimed at working on the go. So, the fixed double bed was gone and a workstation with a stable work table and ergonomic stool was inserted in its place. The “B2C” version of the adfendture caravan was equipped for bloggers, YouTubers and all other mobile employees who want to do their online work on the go: answer emails, hold video conferences, edit videos, record podcasts, upload photos and texts, do accounting and much more.

The following components were integrated here:

  • apero thomas kamm 042 power stations + foldable solar panel
    • 5G Internet complete solution
    • Foldable desk
    • Ergonomic stool
    • Magnetized display
    • Professional microphone
    • Mobile water purifier
    • Drone
    • Magnetic tableware and accessories
    • Foldable stools
    • Desk organizer

A name was quickly found that could do justice to this “caravan” based on the also brand new Fendt model Apero 495 SFB: “Connect”. There should probably be a new name for “caravan” in general in the future, if it is no longer just used for residential purposes. So we were excited to find out what has happened in the area since then. Let's just ask, that's our thoughts, on the way to the CMT in Stuttgart.

apero thomas kamm 03Of course, the Apero 495 adfendture “connect” was our first target at this year’s CMT and we were lucky enough to meet marketing manager Thomas Kamm from Fendt-Caravan, who we have known for many years, who informed us about the status of the development of this new vehicle type mobile work reported. The demand is correspondingly high, because for many bloggers and employees who work on the go, the option of working online and choosing a location in the south, especially in the cold season, is an opportunity to realize their plans to change their work-life balance. No question, because mobile working can even take place in different locations. Your employer often even provides you with mobile devices that can be used to complete tasks remotely. As a rule, you can decide for yourself where exactly you work from and after consultation. The only requirement is often a stable telephone or internet connection to ensure accessibility.

Mobile working is particularly attractive for employees because it significantly improves the work-life balance. If you can decide where you work, you can organize your private life more freely. There is also often the opportunity to organize your own working hours.

apero thomas kamm 05Mobile working also allows significantly more flexibility than regular working hours in the office. For example, travel times can also be used for work. However, travel times to work are eliminated.

Because there is no control over productivity in the workplace, mobile working is particularly results-oriented. Employment almost always works on a basis of trust. This means that the motivation, sense of responsibility and initiative of employees are significantly strengthened.

Of course, after 4 years of year-round use, we already have a certain eye for the equipment and accessories that are needed for mobile working and it is clear that we have been quite spoiled with our Saphir Scand with a width of 2.50 meters.

apero thomas kamm 07But there is also a corresponding offer from Fendt-Caravan for this size, the Tendensa 650 SFD, in which the double bed was initially removed in order to set up the workplace here. A 75-inch interactive touch display from Webex/Cisco was also included. This not only serves as a screen for video conferences or presentations, but can also be used as a whiteboard during meetings. It is compatible with all common platforms such as Google, Zoom or Microsoft. Opposite there is a small table with seating where you can work with a laptop. Content can be transferred from the tablet or computer to the display via cable or wirelessly. A combination of a double bed, which could certainly be designed as a folding bed, and the large workstation would be desirable for us.

apero thomas kamm 08The comfortable round seating group in the rear still creates a relaxed atmosphere for customer discussions or team meetings. From here you can see another small screen that was attached to the passage with an articulated arm, as well as a large, transparent OLED display in front of the rear window. If necessary, a folding sliding door separates the two “meeting rooms”. And if you do need a place to sleep, the round seating group can be converted into a bed, as is the case with the series-produced Tendensa 650 SFD and the Apero 495 SFB.

The two models are currently studies. But Thomas Kamm is optimistic that at least the Apera 495 SFB with the “Connect” version can actually go into series production:

apero thomas kamm 06“The feedback so far at the CMT, as well as at the Caravan Salon, shows that mobile working is becoming increasingly popular and that we have really hit a nerve with both variants. With our conversions we would first like to show what is possible in a caravan in this regard, although the Apera 495 SFB will be more of a vehicle for the “blogger couple”, simply because of the size of the vehicle in terms of towing vehicle, entertainment and Procurement costs and equipment.

Based on the feedback from and after the second trade fair, we will evaluate how high the actual buying interest is and which components are particularly relevant for potential customers. If we determine that the market is ripe for such novel work-life concepts, we will go into production in the near future and with great pleasure.”

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