Iphofen - wine landscape and medieval town center

Iphofen - wine landscape and medieval town center

During a walk through the vineyards of the Schwanberg, we first became aware of Iphofen, then, together with Brita, had visited some wineries and the local "Vinothek", a very special wine shop, which was followed by a tour of the town through the partial medieval scenery.

It was a worthwhile undertaking.

The fact that Iphofen is also a wine town of cultural importance showed itself during our tour through the really beautiful town again and again. More than 20 winemaker families with their wineries, the wine shop, the vineyards around the town and many details in the streets and at the buildings make the wine in all its variety experienceable everywhere in Iphofen.

The construction of the town hall in the center of Iphofen was started in 1716. Today, as a local center with an imposing fountain, it is also the scenery, historical background for the annual Christmas market and its basement vault is also integrated into this market itself. Directly at the historic market square, the well-known Knauf-Museum impresses with cultural exhibitions. From the outside, the Knauf Museum is an eye-catcher with an architecturally exciting combination of old and new. With its high-valuable special exhibitions and its permanent exhibition "Relief Collection of the Great Cultural Phenomena", the museum continues its activities inside and attracts many cultural friends to come to Iphofen. The historic old town with its completely preserved fortification, with its gates and towers, provides the ideal background for many cultural and culinary events taking place during the year.

For the first time in Iphofen, the town is mentioned in a document showing the appropriation of 25 churches to the Bishop of Würzburg. Karlmann also mentions the church of St. John the Baptist in Iphofen. In 1293 Iphofen was given the city rights by the Bishop of Manegold of Neuchâtel in Würzburg. In these years, the city also received its first fortifications, which are still preserved in huge parts today. The foundation of the parish church of St. Veit took place in 1414 and with the enlargement of the town, the trench quarter was also included in the city fortification around 1421.

Besides the appearance of the plague in 1524, 1584, 1611, and 1632, it was mainly the Thirty Years' War, which greatly affected the town. For the first time in 1620, marauding mercenary troops crossed the region around Iphofen, which is documented in the city archives by documents and councils.
It is the interesting and enjoyable combination of wine and culture that makes the village of Iphofen an unforgettable experience. Wine in all its facets, hiking through a wonderful landscape with fantastic views, culture at every corner - a discovery tour for all senses.

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