After leaving Caravan Salon hike to relax on the Rhine

After leaving Caravan Salon hike to relax on the Rhine

The days at the trade fair during the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf are long and exhausting, so after the hectic day's events it is good to end the day with a walk along the Rhine.

However, we probably chose the wrong day, because Friday is party time in Düsseldorf. Party-goers over the age of 30 can storm the dance floors on one of the event yachts at the so-called Ü30 parties and crank up the flirt factor. Party music, nice people and delicious cocktails ensure the best atmosphere, the view of the nocturnal city panorama of Düsseldorf maybe even a touch of romance. We could see such a party ship from the shore, the music could be heard from afar.

Party and gastronomy zones not only on the Rhine

rhein party boat 4Today the Dusseldorf casemates are the epitome of the hospitality of a vibrant metropolis on the Rhine with an impressive, unobstructed Rhine panorama. It not only attracts large crowds of Düsseldorfer inhabitants to marvel, walk, linger and enjoy, but also guests from all over the world. In a Mediterranean and often sun-drenched ambience, visitors can stop off with a view of the Rhine and the skyline of Oberkassel opposite, relax and let themselves be pampered gastronomically in the midst of the historic surroundings. Below the so-called level clock is the maritime beer garden of the "White Fleet", one of the most popular meeting places on the Rhine promenade. All year round you can enjoy local and international cuisine, cocktails, sundaes, high-quality wines, coffee variations, cake specialties and the most popular Rhenish beers on the terrace.

A gem in the White Fleet - the Allegra

rhein party boat 5This is also where the heart of the "White Fleet" beats with the central starting point for boat trips.

It is only a few steps to the permanently moored restaurant ship "Allegra" (translated the "cheerful one"), a former cargo sailing ship with a wonderful open deck.

The Allegra, built in 1886, sailed the Rhine between Basel and Rotterdam for many years as a freighter.

It was only in the 1950s that she was fitted with powerful engines and served as a coal freighter for many more years. Conversions into a party ship in the 1980s were implemented with great attention to detail, without losing the flair of its history.

rhein party boat 6So she continued to sail across the Rhine with the party-loving guests for many more years. Even an open fireplace with a grill was operated below deck at that time.

The old lady "Allegra" has been moored on the shore of the state capital for 15 years and is often visited by strollers and regulars for a cool beer or an aperitif at sunset. Depending on the water level, the ascent and descent can be difficult. Note the technique of wearing high heels! The spirit of the past years still seems to be on board on some evenings. You can often see him in the wheelhouse!

Unfortunately, it was almost too dark to recognize the name of our party boat, but it definitely couldn't have been the Allegra. After passing the ship, however, calm returned immediately. The temperatures allowed us to linger on the benches along the promenade, so we stayed for a while and watched a herd of sheep on the bank, where the flutes could be heard playing.

The idyllic calm returns with a soft flute playing

rhein party boat 1The shepherd of the flock had invited them to listen in the evening, even if he probably didn't know anything about it himself. The sheep seemed to enjoy it too. We remained like this for a while until the shepherd left his fenced flock in our direction. A heartfelt thank you to the musician on our part was kindly acknowledged by him with a few words.

How much better we liked playing the flute in the evening twilight, which was so appropriate, in contrast to the loud booming pop music. Tastes are just different.

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