Walking the Treetop Path in Hainich – Bad Langensalza

Walking the Treetop Path in Hainich – Bad Langensalza

Slowly it gets wintry, even though it sometimes seems that the trees getting bare so quick, how nice was the slow browning of the leaves, especially when the sun brought the variety of colors into the trees.

So, just a small article about the subject of trees and leaves, which seemed to us as if just gone down, some time ago already that we had received some pictures about the visit on the Treetop path on Hainich from Detlef. Well, let's consider it as a reminder and a pleasure to re-growing in spring.

Everything is different here, high up in the green of the leaves, according to our friend's statement. The sound of the bird's voice seems more powerful, the air and the light purer. The leaves of the trees are much softer and fresher, the sky much closer. This is also the description of an unknown author following his visit to the treetop path, because the treetop path in the Hainich National Park leads through the foliage of stately deciduous trees to even high above their tops. Carefully, the wooden path reveals the mystery of the otherwise unreachable tree giants for most people.

Tree top Path Hainich near Bad Langensalza

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_thueringen_hainich-wipfelpfad-4.jpgAlready on August 26, 2005, the treetop path Hainich an der Thiemsburg was ceremoniously opened in Hainich near Bad Langensalza in the Hainich National Park. The treetop path is 546 m long, divided into two loops of 238 and 308 m each, and then reaches a maximum height of 44 m with the observation tower "Baumturm".

The treetop path snakes up from the lower crown area to the tops of the jungle treetops. The treetop path is exposed to wind and weather in a special way. Especially in winter and on very stormy days it may therefore come to weather-related closures. Then it is advisable to inform yourself before visiting the staff of the tourist information Bad Langensalza, if the path is open.

By the way: The treetop path is not operated by the National Park Administration, but by the city of Bad Langensalza. Special programs for groups, families and school classes raise awareness of nature and show what active nature conservation means for biodiversity.

n a platform 44 meters high, the tour will finally be rewarded with an overwhelming view over the forests of the Hainich and the adjacent Thuringian Basin to the hills of the Thuringian Forest.

High point of the plant is the "Baumturm"

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_thueringen_hainich-wipfelpfad-12.jpgAnd while part of the parents and grandparents strengthen themselves with a refreshing drink for the onward journey, the others and their youngest cycling and walking friends can really show their skills to their heart's content on the adjoining adventure playground.

The treetop path is easily accessible by all kinds of transport. Bus and train transport your bike. Use the service of the hiking bus on weekends and public holidays.

The Treetop Trail is located near the Thiemsburg, a popular starting point for hikes in the National Park. The Thiemsburg is located about 10 kilometers west of Bad Langensalza and is easily accessible by public transport or car.

Directions from Bad Langensalza in the direction of the rooms, then turn to Craula.

From Eisenach take the B 84 direction Bad Langensalza, in Reichenbach turn to Craula, in Craula follow the signs to Bad Langensalza.

The hiking car park Thiemsburg is located directly on the road, from there the treetop path can be reached on foot in 10 minutes. Have lots of fun with it.

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