Suspension bridge - hiking destination on Hohe Schrecke

Suspension bridge - hiking destination on Hohe Schrecke

176 meters long, just 85 centimeters wide and 25 meters above the Bärental: the still "young" suspension rope bridge across the Bärental is a real attraction in the Hohe Schrecke Mountain Range.

We had already been on the Hohe Schrecke on our bikes a few times, had already seen the signs pointing to the small town of Braunsroda, but to our shame we had to admit that we had not yet made it there. After our visit to the moated castle near Heldrungen, it was our first visit to Braunsroda, but due to the high number of visitors, it did not lead to the suspension bridge. The discovery: there are two wonderful circular hiking trails that ultimately also lead across the suspension bridge over the Bärental.

Hikers' parking lot at the entrance to Braunsroda

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_thueringen_braunsroda-seilbruecke-1.jpgIf we were able to gain your interest with the entry (our promise, it is absolutely worth it, especially with children), the hike entry to the bridge should begin from the hikers' car park in Braunsroda. This can be reached directly via "Bismarck-Allee" by turning right before entering Braunsroda. The recommended circular route to the suspension bridge is the so-called "Enzian Wiesenweg", which leads over a 7 km circular route across orchards and light deciduous forests to the suspension bridge and through the forest back to Braunsroda. At a relaxed pace you are on the road for about 2 hours.

If this is not enough for you, you can continue hiking on the other side of the suspension rope bridge and complete the tour to the hiking car park via the "Kleine Hohe Schrecke Rundweg". The small circular route extends of about 13 km and leads through some of the popular wilderness areas of the Hohe Schrecke. Of course, it can also go much further, as far as the tranquil mountain village of Garnbach, where another hiking trail begins.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_thueringen_braunsroda-seilbruecke-2.jpgThe suspension rope bridge, which was completed last year, now spans the Bärental with a 180 m long steel and wood construction and thus also forms the entrance into the wilderness of the old beech forest. As the beginning of the Thuringian primeval forest path of the Hohe Schrecke, the bridge also offers a wonderful view across the Bärental. If you follow the signposted primeval forest path, you will reach the primeval forest pearls in Wiegental and Rabenswald.

The association Hohe Schrecke - Alter Wald mit Zukunft e.V. has consciously decided on this construction of a suspension bridge made of steel and wood, so the bridge is also a treetop path and lookout point at the same time. It doesn't break any records, instead it blends in gently with the nature that surrounds it. And if you dare to cross the swaying planks of the bridge, you can see the unspoilt, wild deciduous forests of the Hohe Schrecke from above. From the inauguration on October 1st, 2019, the suspension rope bridge is signposted as a hiking destination from Braunsroda and Reinsdorf with green signs "To the suspension rope bridge".

The bridge itself is free of charge. It is freely accessible and open all year round. The maintenance of the suspension bridge is supported by the parking fee at the hiking car park of € 3 - € 5 per car.

Association for the preservation of the Hohe Schrecke nature reserve

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_thueringen_braunsroda-seilbruecke-4.jpgA major goal of the Hohe Schrecke - Alter Wald mit Zukunft e.V. association is the nature-friendly development of the region into a popular recreational and excursion destination. Many measures have already been initiated and implemented in recent years, also with the active support of local residents and companies, not least the development of an attractive network of cycling and hiking trails. In order to continue to be perceived as an interesting region, it is necessary to create tourist highlights. Such points of attraction also enable visitors to be guided in order to relieve sensitive forest areas.

The suspension rope bridge in Bärental as well as the circular hiking trail from Garnbach serve as a further component of sustainable tourism development, because if you follow the signposted jungle path you will get to the jungle pearls in Wiegental and Rabenswald.

“Experience the suspension rope bridge, the Bärental and the special features of nature in the Hohe Schrecke with our certified nature and landscape guides. You can find all public hiking dates and events in the calendar. We particularly recommend the trial hike to the farmers' market in Braunsroda, every first Saturday from April to December, ”says the tourist flyer that we found on site. And absolutely right, a hiking area that is interesting for tourists and worth the long journey.

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