Delphi - the Theatre and the Sanctuary of Apollo

Delphi - the Sanctuary of Apollo

The further we follow the Sacred Road uphill and have passed the first treasures houses, the stronger the massive foundation walls of the sanctuary of Apollo come into our field of vision.

It is the most powerful building in the entire city of Delphi too.

In its form, the sanctuary of the Apollo occupies a not quite regular rectangle of 130 x 180 meters, the greater part extending from south to north. If you, dear reader, should take a trip to Delphi, please take a look at the really huge stone blocks, which have been so precisely processed and added into their position, that they are still almost unmoved at their original position. What a fascinating precision, without high tech of our modern times. This Temenos is surrounded by a peribolus, which was rebuilt after the middle of the 6th century BC and was rebuilt after 480 BC, but which did not extend to the sanctuary through a total of eight passages. It is striking that there is no central monstrous access, not even a gateway raised one of the passages.

Remains of an older plant and a comparatively smaller area enclosing walls from the beginning of the 6th century BC indicate that the original main entrance lay in the south-west of the district, whereas after the expansion of the 6th century BC to the southeast. There, through a simple opening in the wall, one entered the Sacred Road, which led to the Temple of Apollo. The lower part of the Sacred Road, which was lined with treasures and votive gifts, while the central area dominated the temple terrace and the associated altar, with its sidewalks and junctions opening up the sacred precinct, which was partly ruled by some mighty terraced walls. The west side of the upper part was occupied by the theater; the east side of the church was occupied by the smaller sacred areas of Dionysus and Poseidon, Neoptolemos 'necropolis and the knights' knight, the famous congregation of the important rulers of Knidos.

From the theater, the view of the sanctuary of Apollo is indescribable. Only from here above is the once-important meaning of this monumental building really obvious, pay attention to the central location in the overall plant as well as the unobstructed view into the valley.

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