Thessaloniki Hotelia 2015 - Fair Participation

Thessaloniki Hotelia 2015 - Fair from 12th - 15th of Nov 2015

Within some talks together with the brothers Zampetas to promote local business the possibility of a company presentation at the Thessaloniki Hotelia 2015 has surrendered, an international trade fair, which is, next to the hotel business, also a possibility to increase the leisure and outdoor tourism.

After years of crises in Greece, there was a first comeback of the show initially in 2014 and it can be seen even better now in November 2015, another growth spurt, which was further served by the presentation of new categories of exhibits to meet the needs of the travel industry.

Meanwhile, the Zampetas business of Caravaning and Camping want to use the exhibition to show outdoor furniture and their other business branches. Since the success of a trade fair is also depending on the overall impression of the trade show, we were able to bring some suggestions, within our project work "A journey of Intimacy and Culture along the Roman Roads", for the design of the stand, which should fit both the exhibition profile as well as the current cost situation. It was then even a small step to the implementation of the stand design, which could then be put into practice in the company's own workshop.

Here in Thessaloniki, the exhibition company looks back on a great past, which has been in place for nearly 100 years. The company is a subsidiary of HELEXPO and was founded in 1925th. Since 1926, the International Fair and other specialized Fairs held in Thessaloniki are yearly events and mostly are opened by Prime Minister since the 1960s. At the exhibition in 1957 even the very popular café frappé was invented in Greece. Due to numerous special fairs their importance had declined over the years, however, but the Thessaloniki International Fair continues to be the country's largest trade fair. The fairground has a total area of 180,000 m². On the fairgrounds you will find the OTE Tower and the Palais des Sports. The parent company HELEXPO also operates another, smaller exhibition center in Athens.
One of the aforementioned specialized trade fairs is now taking place with Hotelia 2015 to open its doors now.

After finishing the stand, next step was to deliver and eject at the fairground and then stepwise introduce the articles which should be represented to the public, as seen in the pictures below. We are excited about the response that will hopefully lead to the revitalization of the wide-ranging business areas Tourism in and around Thessaloniki.

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