Györ - Small shops for curiosities and specialties

Györ - Small shops for curiosities and specialties

After a first, morning recovery phase of the exhausting descent with coffee and typical pastries of the region, we had set out for a first tour of Györ.

First, on the way to the railway station, then along the town hall, we went into the pedestrian zone of the city. Explicitly we would like to mention the first bike rental station once again, which is located directly in front of the station. You register by the Internet, then you can release the bike from the bike rack and explore the city and the surrounding area by bike. The system of cycle paths running through the entire city on predominantly paved and marked with yellow lines routes. A perfect solution, not only for tourists.

Györ - traffic-calmed old town and "mom and pop shops"

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_ungarn_gyoer_gyoer-geschaefte-2.jpgAlmost the entire old town today is traffic-calmed, or pedestrian zone, which shows a variety of small shops, cafes and boutiques solely due to the "old" buildings. The city is deliberately modernized, the old facades and structures have been preserved, there are hardly any more than 3-storey buildings. Similarly, there are hardly any large windows or even multi-storey shopping centers, in short, strolling through the streets, looking into the sometimes really small shops form an attractive alternative to the mammoth shopping centers of other towns, one is almost back to the old 'mom and pop shops ", which once also shaped our cityscapes.

Customer loyalty by discussions and personal contact?

As a mom-and-pop shops were predominantly suppliers of groceries or colonial goods (from which the term colonial goods store was used for a long time), but also other products of everyday use (household goods, textiles, haberdashery, stationery, etc.) they used to be common for the entire local supply of goods for the population. Here in Györ, rarities and specialties of the region extend the offer. Usual elements of personal customer loyalty of the old mom and pop shops were among other things "on cover letter", discount stamps, free gifts and samples, home deliveries, reservations and special orders on customer request, collection of gift baskets, cold cuts etc. Children were always considered with a small attention.

Shopping after the closing time?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_ungarn_gyoer_gyoer-geschaefte-3.jpgOften, the owner's apartment was located directly behind or above the store, so that a late customer after closing time simply ring the front door and (actually unauthorized) could still buy something. With the legal prohibition of price maintenance from 1974 and the triumphal march of the discounters, the decline of this sales culture was finally sealed. Today, the nostalgic term mom-and-pop shop is synonymous with a (still) intact personal relationship and service between the local retailer and their customers, unlike anonymous discounters, self-service department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, boutique shopping malls or department stores, and it was exactly this feeling that spread throughout our visit from the various shops, so there were lively discussions between the sales staff and their customers, who were hardly disturbed by our presence. The personal contact, the exchange of ideas and opinions worked - healing social structures? In any case, we felt very comfortable in this atmosphere.

Also for Kürtöskalacs freshly prepared is offered

So we came to a small shop dealing with the dyeing of blue-printed fabrics, and a short while later to a shop offering Hungarian specialties and a really interesting shop fitting. Almost at the front door a specialty was made and sold: - Kürtöskalacs, a cake made of yeast dough of various flavors, rolled up on a wooden stick over a charcoal grill. Just finished was a Kürtöskalacs with vanilla flavor, which we then bought as a small tasty hand food and could enjoy.

Györ was a very interesting stopover during our journey to the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf.

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