Gözleme - a Turkish meal for the small hunger

Gözleme - a Turkish meal for the small hunger

Who does not know the small hunger in between, especially when you are on the go, have little time and actually just want to eat a little something.

In Europe it is the well-known fast-food restaurants or the small street stalls that can be found occasionally (e.g. with Thuringian bratwurst), so in Turkey it is the small private stalls on the streets that offer small delicacies ranging from fruit to soups. Typical for such snacks, which are of course also ideal as a main course in larger portions, are thin flatbreads made of yufka dough, usually filled with spices, the so-called gözleme. They are one of the specialties of Turkish cuisine, especially Anatolian.

Dough preparation and toppings – alternatives desired

goezleme 2To prepare the dough, flour, water and salt (in some recipes also some yeast) are worked into a smooth, soft dough and formed into tangerine-sized balls. After the dough has rested under a damp cloth for about half an hour, the balls are rolled out into very thin, plate-sized flatbreads, similar to strudel dough, using a wooden stick the thickness of a finger or a rolling pin. Then one half of the flatbread is filled with a filling that is not too thick, folded shut and the edges pressed firmly.

Gözleme are baked without fat on the so-called sac, a large, slightly convex, metal heating plate, usually over an open fire. Originally they were baked on a heated stone or in a dry pan. After about five minutes they are turned and baked for another five minutes. Before serving, the top of the Gözleme is often brushed with melted butter.

Probably the most popular variant is Peynirli Gözleme with sheep's cheese (beyaz peynir, feta), spinach and fresh herbs. All the ingredients are used raw and coarsely chopped as a filling. Other fillings include potatoes or heavily seasoned minced lamb. Own creations and / or recipes are also welcome. There are even sweet gozlemes for dessert.

Gözleme - much more than just a snack in between

antalya market 2Gözleme are popular as a snack all over Turkey and are now also offered in some restaurants and snack bars in Germany. Depending on the region, there are other names for gözleme or similar dishes with different fillings, which can be raw or pre-cooked. Çökelekli are prepared with a specific sheep's cheese, Sıkma are first fried and then stuffed. Bükme usually contain a spinach filling.

On our tours we encountered a variety of recipes, the tastiest often in places where you were initially a bit sceptical. When the dough is prepared and the ingredients are chopped outside on the street, Europeans are probably a bit sceptical at first. However, when locals and tourists alike order in large numbers and the scent of freshly prepared Gözleme fills the air, all concerns are quickly swept away.

We wish you a good appetite. The freshness is guaranteed.

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