Bird watching at the golf course near Stuttgart

Bird watching at the golf course near Stuttgart

After the tiring days during the CMT in Stuttgart, our hosts Heidi and Rainer were able to surprise us once more when they told us about a guided bird watching tour over the local golf course,

which was initiated and prepared by Rainer himself. At first somewhat astonished by the winter's appointment, Rainer reported that some of the bird species would not be making the strenuous trip to the south, probably due to the change in climatic conditions, but would spend the winter here on the golf course.

At first a bit skeptical, even if the temperatures and the season, we were curious, especially as we had often done similar observation tours, including the Ohrid and Lake Prespa in Macedonia, Kerkini Lake in Greece or Bafa Lake, on Göksu River at Kizkalesi or Sasali / Izmir in Turkey. The tours had always been interesting and instructive, without us wanting to pursue any deeper intentions in the field of ornithology (bird science). Unfortunately, we do not have the special equipment required.

Birds can not be determined by their songs only

The often scientific bird observation is the practical part of the ornithology, in which birds are observed mostly with the help of binoculars, at long distances also with a spotting scope and are determined by type, age and sex. If a digital camera is used for documentation, this is done with digiscoping. So our previous activities are more like taking photos. Birds can only be determined by their song or other vocalizations, which we were already in Rainer's specialty, which we undoubtedly determined by listening to the species. A great advantage in the assignment of the birds, as the vocals are clearly noticeable even at a greater distance than many a photo tries. The determination of the traces of birds, such as As nests, feathers and vaults, however, usually reserved for real professionals.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_fauna_vogel-beobachtung-1.jpgRainer had prepared a small brochure for the participants of the tour, which in addition to the illustrations of possible bird species present on the golf course also contained some of the essential characteristics of the species, including the expected bird sounds. Even more, we were surprised that Rainer also seemed to master the bird language / speak the singing.

Professional Birdwatchers need experience for identyfication

In addition to extensive knowledge of the biology of birds, the birdwatcher needs experience in the identification of birds. Basic knowledge had been learned by Rainer through many years of observation, but also through the study of numerous bird identification books, listening to bird voice recordings and participating in guided tours with experienced ornithologists. Rainer had already introduced us to one of his study books, where there were sound carriers with the corresponding bird voices. A great book, but only on the side. Meanwhile, there are also compilations for the PC and DVD player that introduce birds in sound and vision, which makes it much easier to learn characteristics of destination.

During our tour of the golf course, not only did we learn how to recognize the species of birds through their singing, but also the different ways of flying and the recognition of the silhouettes in the sky proved to be very helpful in determining the species of birds. It was already clear that every birdwatching will always be accompanied by coincidence. Whether we were lucky or it was a normal day of presence, we cannot say. However, we were very surprised by the variety of species of ravens, pigeons and woodpeckers. With the variety, especially in this season, probably all participants had not expected.

Trees and plants in the golf course were explained too

Of course, there were also various hints and explanations on the way to the plant world, especially since there are a variety of old tree species and even an apple orchard on the golf course, which are also accepted by the birds thanks, be it for food or nesting (one of the pictures shows a woodpeckers home Also fascinating the many mistletoes in the trees, which we will discuss later.

The golf course itself is also very open to the preservation of the natural environment, even if this is far from true on any golf course. We already mentioned the apple orchard we encountered, and at this point we would like to also like the dead wood encountered, which provides another food source for animals or prey animals during the natural decomposition process.

An attending expert, who had collected bird watching data in the area for research and conservation purposes, was also involved. He explained u.a. Also terms and necessities of scientific procedure, so one speaks in terms of biodiversity and the occurrence of mapping, inventory or monitoring. Amateur observers have many opportunities for participation here.

Quite interesting hike - even in winter time

We, as well as the other participants, enjoyed this guided tour very much, which was subsequently confirmed in the restaurant of the golf course by all involved again and again. If you, too, are interested in such a birdwatching tour in the Stuttgart area, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are happy to forward your inquiries.

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