Turkey Tour - Notice for Camper and Caravan friends

Turkey Tour 2016

Since May 2014, we are on the roads for our cultural project "A Journey of Communication and Culture along the Roman road system" to promote local heritage combined with outdoor activities and individual tourism, a concept that has led to a variety acquaintances and meetings with campers on the road.

Talks have often drifted to “wintering” in the South, on the Mediterannean. What looked like just an idea to spend a winter in Turkey has developed in the following months to a conceptual approach: Wintering in Turkey and a tour-guided route through Turkey for many weeks in Turkey.  The journey to the wintering will also include stopovers in the Balkans, which allow a safe location and multi-day stays. As an alternative to Spain or Sicily!
Since last year, the strong demand for places to winter in warmer climes on the Mediterranean had surprised us. Many campers reported from Sicily, Spain, and even from Morocco and Tunisia. Is it just the lack of known Camper places, is it the discovery through previously little known countries that were previously objecting the wintering in Turkey? Several times we rode the tour of the Balkans with a caravan, we never had real problems during our trip. We have investigated through a variety of questions before we could reach an initial concept.

In concept development, it was necessary to observe the following rule; the maximum length of stay in Turkey without residential permit is 3 months. If the arrival and departure before and after the 3 months is free for choice, staying in the south can be stretched accordingly by longer stays on the road. Example: Arrival in November / December over Serbia, Macedonia and Greece - return in April with a comparable route. We will, based on our journeys through the Balkans, be recommending stopovers suitable for European standards.

That said, we have developed a concept that even the journey, despite the distance, is designed not to be too strenuous: with intervals of about 450-550 kilometers, we propose driving points which are equipped by corresponding camper equipment for several days of stay, so that the time spent on site can definitely be used for cultural visits or outdoor activities. This makes the visit of cultural sites and events underway possible, open spaces are always suitable for own use. Corresponding rates are currently being discussed with local institutions in the Balkans and Turkey. Not only with the implementation of the project, we are in the area of ​​cultural tourism on the go, have the appropriate knowledge and contacts.

In Turkey, we have several places suitable also for a longer stay (max. 3 months), finally nothing can stand in the way for wintering in South. People who are interested are absolutely free regarding the planning of their time and finances; they will be arranging the destinations and places to stay by themselves. The proposed sites are suitable and well equipped for camper tourism and their usage up to 2 nights is mostly free of charge. For a longer stay with the purpose of wintering, the booking for this stay and the payment must be made in advance because availability and capacity may depend of request.  We’ll be glad to assist you with our tips and suggestions at that point.  

As part of a development concept for individual tourism within the concept of expansion for the camper tourism is for the conclusion of "wintering" an exploration trip around Turkey. The concept of this semi-guided tour is being created and published here soon. In addition to the culturally and historically significant places to visit, informative guided tours and active events, as well as hiking to exclusive destinations are included in this program concept in the development process.

Starting from a yet to be determined meeting point, a round trip through Turkey will be offered, people who are interested will be able to participate for free, of course this can be understood only as an additional offer to wintering. There are at least 6 culturally and historically interesting destinations featuring many cultural sites and attractions to be visited, there will always be several free days to spend on-site.  There will be no "promotions" or similar marketing operations. Besides cultural venues, the focus of exploration are hiking and cycling tours. Of course, the number of participants will be limited, and the arrival to places will not be driven as convoy, but approached in a single way. However, events with fixed dates, travel expenses, meals and accommodation expenses, as well as explicitly stated entry and event-costs are to be covered by each participant.

This semi-guided tour through Turkey is planned for a period between the beginning and the end of March 2016. Anybody who, as a camper has an interest in such a tour in March 2016 shall inform us before, as the number of participants in the round trip will be limited to max. 8. We expect costs of about 2,450, - € per participating car for this about three-week round trip.

Please respect that the exact itinerary is not determined yet. The destinations will roughly be Antalya and Silifke on the Turkish Riviera, then Cappadocia, Erciyes and Pamukkale in Central Anatolia, then the Aegean Sea and the Marmara coast, so that will be incurred about 2,400 kilometers driven in Turkey.

All to be traveled places will be equipped in accordance with European standards for camper courts, not tents, some are hotel facilities also suitable for camping-friends. Preparations and facilities are currently being implemented.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on the planned itinerary or about wintering in Turkey, please contact the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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