After the BEA Bern - a walk to the rose garden

After the BEA Bern - a walk to the rose garden

The rose garden above the old town is probably one of the most beautiful parks in the city of Bern which offers a unique view of the roof landscape of the historic old town, the cathedral and the Aare river.

We had received the indication of the visit (a must as locals say) of the rose garden after the strenuous day of the fair, in addition the cherry blossom was in full swing. Otherwise it flourished everywhere and green - spring.



The rose garden - a blooming park above old town of Bern.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_schweiz_bern_bern-rosengarten-1.jpgThe gardens are frequented by both locals and tourists, as well as we wanted to use the stay in the park to relax and "calm down" after the busy fair. High above the old town there is an ideal vantage point with a good view of the old town, the Aare with its imposing bridges, flowing in a loop around the old town, a lovely garden restaurant and a library offering reading in the garden. In short, a worthwhile walk of 10 minutes from the exhibition center.

From 1765 until the opening of the Schosshalden Cemetery in 1877, the site was used as a cemetery. In 1913 it was converted into a public park and from 1917 roses were bred here. Since 1918, the large pond complex with the two monumental groups of Europe and Neptune by Karl Hänny were renewed. In 1956 the park was completely redesigned. A bust of Jeremias Gotthelf created by Arnold Huggler in 1937 had to give way to the new summer restaurant in 1960 and was moved in front of the pavilion with the library. Today, 223 rose, 200 iris and 28 rhododendron species grow in the Bernese rose garden. In 1997, Kreuzallee, which was still from the time of the cemetery, was planted with twelve new linden trees.


Countless visitors on the park wall overlooking the old town

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_schweiz_bern_bern-rosengarten-2.jpgWhether strolling through the park, reading a book on a bench, having a picnic with friends, enjoying the sunset on a date or simply sitting on the garden wall and relaxing your legs: the relaxed atmosphere of the rose garden invites young and old to linger. For locals, the park is known as a romantic place for dating and a popular hangout after work.

High above the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the public park offers a wonderful view of the old town of Bern with its sights. In fine weather, the view extends far beyond the city onto the Bern mountain Gurten and the Alps. Thus, the rose garden is not just a recreational area, but also the perfect place for beautiful souvenir photos.







400 rose, rhododendron and iris species

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_schweiz_bern_bern-rosengarten-3.jpgAs the name already suggests, the rose garden is known for its biodiversity. More than 400 species of roses and irises as well as 28 different rhododendrons adorn the park. The magical water lily pond with fountain and the large, open grass pitches give the plant a certain width. The blossoms of Japanese cherry trees are particularly attractive in spring: from late March to early April, the exotic trees attract attention with their beauty.

A gazebo with a library and the accompanying reading garden serve as a retreat. In the freeware library, reading enthusiasts can browse through the books without any formalities and for free. Instead of borrowing a book and taking it home, you can read in the garden and bring back at the end of the day after finished reading. The library is open from late April to mid-October on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.

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