Zurich: Europe’s Popular City and Doves of Lake Zurich

Zurich City and Doves of Lake Zurich

Abroad tours for vacations that have become popular in recent years will be in great request also this year. If you do not like the tour packages and prefer to plan your own travel, Zurich will be my first suggestion for Europe destination.

As one of the most popular touristic cities of Europe, Zurich shines out between the European cities with its cleanliness, order and quality living conditions.

Even though it is regarded as an expensive city, accommodation is not stiff price in Zurich. If you have a certain date for your travel, you will have the early reservation opportunity and can profit by the early-bird prices. If you make your decision at the last minute like us, I am sure that there will be an appropriate offer for you in one of the hotel reservation websites. We needed a hotel for the next day and under the favor of a hotel reservation website that I preferred, we found a suitable hotel at the center of the city for three nights.

Hiking and Biking along Lake Zurich

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_schweiz_zuerich_zurich-ufer-promenade-1.JPGBesides of its natural and romantic characteristics, Zurich is a comfortable city that you do not have to rush for the discovery of the city. I recommend you visit lakeside when you are ready to go outside after checking into the hotel. In company with the breeze, while taking a walk at the lakeside, the Lake Zurich will present you a view like a painting. Lake Zurich has doves and ducks that you can see from every shore of the lake. In the romantic summer evenings of the city, sometimes street musicians perform very qualified and good music at the lakeside.

After watching the scenery of the Lake Zurich, and the departures of the boats, having a chat with the doves of the lake, you may take a walk along the Limmat River. You may take the wonderful photographs of the city from the bridges on the river. For the next days of your vacation, do not forget to join the boat tour on the lake in accompany with the Alps.

If you do not want to walk in the city, bicycle will be a fantastic alternative for you. It is possible to rent a bicycle free of charge from the certain stations. Your passport and deposit of CHF 20 is enough to rent a bicycle.
Bike Station North in the Swiss National Museum and Bike Station South in Postbrücke give service throughout the year. Because of the heavy demand in the summer months, the bike stations of Bellevue, Globus City, Enge station and At Viaduct also start to offer services.


 Marc Chagall has designed the church windows

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_schweiz_zuerich_zurich-ufer-promenade-2.JPGThe Grossmunster Cathedral is a worth-seeing address with its twin tower that draws attention as the city symbol. Climbing up the narrow stairs of the tower, you can reach the magnificent scenery and watch the city of Zurich with bird’s-eye view. The stained glasses of the cathedral were designed by the Avantgarde artist Sigmar Polke.

The Fraumunster, which has a gothic design, is a must-see church with its colored glass windows and unique architecture. The design of stained glasses belongs to the famous architect Marc Chagall.
Landesmuseum is one of the most important addresses that should be visited by the art and history enthusiasts. The museum brings the Switzerland history to light and contains a great deal of objects that belong to Swedish culture. One other important address is the biggest art museum of Switzerland, Kunsthaus that contains a special scientific library of modern art.
Do not forget to visit the most famous shopping street of the city, Bahnhofstrasse and its side streets. Located at the Roman Castle’s ancient place, Lindenhof hill offers one of the most beautiful views of Zurich in the heart of the old city. Visitors should benefit from this opportunity.


Dark chocolate - one of our favourite sweats

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_schweiz_zuerich_zurich-ufer-promenade-3.JPGWhile walking in the narrow streets of the old city that located in the center of Zurich, you may see boutique chocolate shops. I recommend you try the bitter chocolate because this place is where the best chocolates in the world are produced. As soon as we saw a little shop called “Truffle”, we barged in thanks to the irresistible attraction of chocolate. Elisabetta, the owner of this pretty chocolate shop that makes boutique production, is a friendly lady and we had a conversation with her. Her nice conversation and different tastes of chocolates that made of cacao beans from the various countries of the world are the memories that remain in my mind from the Zurich visit.

I presented you some of my Zurich memories and I am sure that you will have different experiences. Zurich that impressed me the first day I saw, reminded itself to me all the time with the doves and romantic nights at the lakeside. By the way, worth-seeing places in Zurich are not limited to these, of course there are more. It is possible to find addresses for the art events, night entertainment and vacation activities. The Zurich guide that you can obtain from the tourist info office will be helpful.

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