Ayvalik - Sunset on the beach at Sarımsaklı

Ayvalik - Sunset on the beach at Sarımsaklı

A few kilometers south of Ayvalik, you will meet with the beach called "garlic beach"  (Sarimsakli) next to the town of same name: Sarimsakli.

The beach of Sarimsakli in the summer is quite busy of Turkish tourists, especially from the cities Istanbul and Bursa, guests are coming.
Mingle with the guests and experience the beach tourism of the locals.

The small town Sarimsakli is currently experiencing a boom in terms of tourism. But this has nothing to do or is not even comparable to the crowdsof tourists in Bodrum or Marmaris. The boom is still relatively quiet and more slowly. In Sarimsakli there are some good hotels now too. The largest hotel in town is probably the Grand Hotel Temizel. In the center of Sarimsakli there are some nice restaurants and smaller traditional hotels that also offer a very good price-performance ratio and for sure, they are very cozy.

In summer you will sometimes emphasize the aroma of olive oil around the nose, which flies from the factories from the production of olive oil over here. A large portion of Turkey's olive oil is produced here in the area. But we can assure that doesn´t interfere you in any way.

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