Bodrum - The Archaeological Underwater Museum

The Underwater Archaeological Museum

Bodrum Museum is the biggest and most important archaeological underwater museum in the world and the only one in Turkey. A great majority of the relics on show consist of those raised during underwater excavations and those brought to the museum by sponge divers, now on display in the museum located in Bodrum Castle.

Along the coast of Turkey, underwater excavations have continued since 1960. The Eastern Mediterranean amphora collections as well as relics from sunken ships in the immediate vicinity are on display.
The most significant of these sunken ships are those at:

- Finike-Gelidonya (shipwreck in the 12th century BC),
- Bodrum-Yassýada (a life-sized cross section of the sunken Byzantine shipwreck from 7th century AD),
- Bodrum-Yassıada (Late Roman shipwreck 4th century AD),Finike-Þeytan Brook (shipwreck in the 16th century BC),
- Marmaris-Serçe Harbour (Glass from a shipwreck in the 11th century AD),
- Marmaris-Serçe Harbour (Hellenistic shipwreck 3rd century BC),
- Bodrum-Yassıada (Ottoman shipwreck 16th century AD) and
- Kaş-Uluburun (a display of relics from the sunken Vessel of Uluburun, 14th century BC).

All the relics which have been taken from underwater and land excavations are exhibited in various galleries. The remains of the oldest known sunken ship in the world are also here and well-worth seeing. Besides its cultural importance the castle itself is a major museum.

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