Gümüşlük - beautiful Bay and Rabbit Island


This sleepy and outstanding hamlet nestles in a very beautiful bay and is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula od Bodrum. The original Lelegian city of Myndos once stood southeast of here. There are also some ruins around the village. The ancient city of Myndos partly lies under the water and if you know how to dive, you can visit the remains.

In sunken Myndos, the stadium, theatre, city walls and a mosaic covered plateau can be seen. The church of the Roman period is currently in use as an Art House. The region is a protected historic site.

Gümüşlük is one of the most pleasant places on the peninsula with the place retaining its identity as a village, and with fishermens' restaurants that are the best for cooking local fish and octopus. There are many modest fish restaurants along the small waterfront next to the gently lapping sea where the beautiful sunset can be watched while inhaling the sweet scent of the tangerine flowers. Do not forget to ask for a local dish "Kabakçiçeği Dolması" (stuffed marrow flower), with some home made pickles and fresh fruit and vegetables. By the way, the local market, where you can find various kinds of fruit and vegetables, is on Wednesday.

You can stroll through water that does not get above your knees to Rabbit Island to see the numerous animals which have given the island its name.

The area provides very attractive scenery for those who like taking pictures of beautiful landscapes. As the sun sets over the hills, different tones and colours are reflected in the water. There are cushions on the ground, a little forest of cacti and the sea is right at your feet. The natural cove is sheltered and the inner port area is like a lake. Even in the worst weather it is well protected by the Dönmez Cape and is very popular with Blue Cruise boats. Gümüşlük is beautiful at any time of the day. Since everywhere is clean, you can swim all around the shores of Gümüşlük. The green rocks at Koyunbaba Cove look like they were cut by a knife, cutting off those swimming in the area from outside and taking them into its depths.

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