Amasra - Beautiful Black Sea town!

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Amasra is one of the most beautiful towns along the Black Sea coast. Poised on a peninsula split by two inlets, the site was first settled in the 12th century B.C. and named after the Persian Princess Amastris.Read More 

After you leave Ankara and drive towards Bartın you will be accompanied, on one side, by a beautiful mountain panorama that stretches along the road for miles. The north-eastern road will lead you to Amasra. There are two routes. One goes via Gerede-Mengen-Devrek and Bartın. The other is via Gerede-Karabük and Safranbolu. Because the coastal roads to the east and west are not well maintained, Amasra gets only a moderate number of summer visitors, keeping it pleasant and relatively undeveloped.

This cosy holiday district also has two islands, one of which is within rowing distance in a small boat, while the other is connected to the mainland by a Roman vault used as a bridge.

There are various activities you can enjoy while in Amasra. First of all, you can rent a boat and explore the coastal regions, enjoying the view of Amasra from the sea. You can also climb to the summit of Rabbit Island where a population of grey, black and white rabbits hop around the caves. Among the other sites are the Fatih mosque - which was previously a church - the hamam and the theatre. Remnants of Amasra's long and interesting history are displayed in the Amasra Museum. You can purchase hand-carved wooden souvenirs on Çekiciler Street. Check out the toy helicopters fashioned from nutshells, the ships from seashells, and other curiosities made from fish bones. Local craftsmen produce a 'wish table' in the shape of a heart with a turtle model as logo for export to Italy. It is also a fishing region and has several good fish restaurants serving local produce. Canlı Balık and Çeşm-i Cihan are the most famous ones. Don't miss the fried mussels and salad.


Continuing eastward along the coast, you arrive at Cakraz, a typical fishing village with excellent beaches, friendly accommodation and restaurants. The winding road between Cakraz and İnebolu runs along steep mountainsides and offers a spectacular panoramic view. The eastern part of Amasra enjoys a reputation for good swimming. Apart from that, Çakraz and Bozköy and Akkonak offer the best beaches.

Hotels and pensions are neat and cosy. However the climate can be a bit cool so bring something warm with you.

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