Bolu and Yedigöller Natural Park

Bolu am Yedi Göller Nationalpark

Bolu is one of Turkey’s provinces. The Bolu city is one of the best starting points to do an environment excursion. Bolu was constructed as Bithynion in the 2nd century.Read MoreBecause of the earthquake nothing from the past can be remembered there today.

Bolu is between Istanbul and Ankara, 192 km to Ankara, 162 km to Istanbul. Thereby, it has become an important traffic flow platform. At the same time is a famous for its impressive Ulu Mosque (14th Century), hot springs and thermal waters.

At the city’s Archaeology & Ethnology Museum you can find important artefacts and handcrafts belonging to the Hittites as well as from Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and the Ottomans. Southwest of Bolu, 1500 metres high is where Abant, Abant Lake and an accommodation establishment with the same name is located. Surrounded by an intensive forest Abant service area invites you on the weekends.

Kartalkaya, which is at the shirts of the Köroğlu Mountains, is an important place for those that would like to do winter sports. In the summer months you can have picnics at the Gölcük River. North of Bolu is where the famous Seven Lakes Natural Park (Yedigöller Doğal Parkı) is located.

Ancient Place at Konuralp

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_turkey_blacksea_region_bolu.jpgAt Konuralp the old Prussa ad Hypium, 53 km northeast of it you can still come across handmade artefacts belonging to Rome and Byzantine times. Today, these artefacts are at the city museum. Something that should not be missed is the theatre belonging to the Roman period. Akçakoca, with its beaches and accommodation establishments is becoming one of the most liked holiday environs. Close to the city there is a castle in the Fındık Ormanı (Hazelnut Forest). Alaplı provides good conditions for water sports. The region provides good opportunities with its sandy beach, there are good opportunities in the region that provide suitable conditions for sailing and wind surfing.

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