Ordu - called 'Little Paris' by local guest

Ordu - Stadt für Interessante Ausflüge

The centre of the town Ordu stretches along a stony beach on the shores of the Black Sea,Read Morerunning parallel to the highway. Ordu has a small harbour but this can be used by the larger ships too.

Ordu (Kotyora in Greek), is the capital of the province of Ordu. This harbour town is on the Black Sea coast has about 100.000 inhabitants.Among its citizens, the town is quite often called ‘Kücük Paris’ (Little Paris), because of its small network of winding roads through the centre and the slim buildings dominating the scenery of the town.

The countryside around Ordu is well known because of its forests and its huge areas of hazelnut bushes. The antique Kotyora was the place were the Greek Xenophon troops (March of the Thousand) rested for about 45 days before they travelled on to Asia. Some legends say the Argonauts may also have landed here to search for the Golden Fleece.

Interesting Sights

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_turkey_blacksea_region_ordu-3.jpgThe relaxation areas of Cinar Suyu and Küpükkertil, the plateau of Cambasi and the pine forest of Ünye are particularly famous places for a short visit. But there are certainly some really lovely natural sandy beaches on the Black Sea as well.

The Mosque of Ibrahim Pasha (better known as Orta Camisi), the Mosque of Hamidiye (Hükümet), the Mosque of Yali (Aziziye) and the Springs of Konstantin, Mustafa Bey, Yusuf Aga, Soguksu and Cürüksulu Ali Pasha are well known meeting points within the town.
The museum of Ordu is situated near the centre, close to the official buildings and offices, in the part of town called Selimiye on the Tasocak road. The building well-known as Pasaoglu Konak shows first-class architectural design. It had been built in 1896 by Pasaoglu Hüseyin Efendi, a rich and important inhabitant of Ordu.

This building includes a huge garden of 625 m2. The stones for the walls had been delivered from Ünye and the wooden parts and the materials for the tiles came from Romania. Some of the constructors working on the building came from Istanbul.

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