Trabzon - Çalköy Cave - Akarsu Cave

Trabzon - Çalköy und Akarsu Höhle

Trabzon (old name was Trapezunt) is a Turkish town at the south coast of Black Sea. In 2000 about 975.137 inhabitants were registered.

Trabzon is the capital city and as well the economical centre of the TurkishRead Moreregion of the same name and by this is the main trade centre for the export of food, cattle and tobacco.

On the surrounding fields farmers grow hazel nut, tea, tobacco and corn. There is an international airport and a technical university, founded in 1963, at Trabzon as well. Quite important to mention is the industrial harbour as well.

Çalköy Cave

Çalköy cave you will find in one of the nearby towns of Trabzon in Düzköy and then go on to the village called Calköy. The cave is just about two meters high and after getting in you need stooping for about 150 meters before you will reach stalagmites and stalactites. The cave is quite long but nobody knows exactly how long it is. People know that there is a river in the cave, but you cannot reach easily. High above the cave there is an old fortress.

Akarsu Cave

Again you have to leave Trabzon for the village Akarsu Köyü which belongs to the town of Macka to reach the cave. This cave is a really big one and because of the materials people found inside of the cave we know that it was used for living long time ago. Lots of stalagmites are to be seen. People say that there are 72 rooms inside of the cave. Still today there has never been any detailed research to find how big the cave is completely.

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