Rose Valley next to Ürgüp in Cappadocia

Rosa Tal Güllüdere

Our second night was also very comfortable and it was breezy enough to let us sleep. Then at the early hours of the day, we departed for the next valley.

This time, our guide was taking us to „Pembe Vadi“ (Pink Valley); this valley was called Pink Valley because the rocks there were pink. It extends through the river here and consisted of thick vegetation, trees and bushes.  

We constantly climbed up through the valley and we could feel the traces of the rain of the last couple of days, because river bed looked like it was washed. In the road, we encountered another stone church, the ceiling of this amazing sized church was adorned with religious patterns. Feeling adventurous, we climbed to the upper floors of the church; however we can say that it was worth the effort.  

Later, while we were advancing through the river, we met two gentlemen, they were trying to save their motors. I thought to myself that they parked it in a wrong way, but the answer came in a very fluent German: The River dragged our motor for a few hundred meters. Motor was completely damaged. This talk was only the beginning of our long conversation, because Mr. Ahmet was a Turkish born in Germany and had been living in one of these stone houses for nearly 20 years. 

With his wife and two boys, he was occasionally working as a tourist guide and also operating a terrace restaurant in front of his house. Electricity was obtained from a generator and fresh spring water offered a little comfort at least. Ahmet invited us to barbecue party, visitors who came to this region also favoured these parties, and accommodation was also offered at nights. However, we preferred to go back to our hotel, that way we would have more opportunity to wander Ürgüp.

After a short break, we went back to Ürgüp for a meal. Here a very special flavour awaited us, we had never seen anything like that; They were offering different flavours in the casseroles, the casseroles were closed with earthen cover and smeared with dough in order to make sure that the food inside it cooks well. That way, a vacuum cover was obtained and then these casseroles were put onto direct fire. Dough cooked above the fire and pasted the cover to the bottom part; in other words, they had created a pressure cooker out of the casserole! Without losing any of the food substances, the meal came to us soon with an excellent taste. All we had to do was enjoy the taste and be amazed at the bill for its convenience.

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