Igdir - across the highlands of Anatolia

Igdir - across the highlands of Anatolia

Iğdır is a province in eastern Turkey, which borders on the one hand with Armenia and on the other hand with the Azerbaijani exclave Naxçıvan and Iran.

Iğdır's neighboring provinces are Kars in the northwest and Ağrı in the south. Its capital is Iğdır. The name Iğdır comes from the Oghuz tribe of Iğdıroğlu and means good, great, sublime, brave and master.

Iğdır is the only province in Turkey that borders three states. Because of the vegetation, Iğdır is also called Yeşil Iğdır (Green Iğdır). Mount Ararat is largely within the boundaries of Iğdır. Iğdır was founded on May 27, 1992 as the 76th province of Turkey. Before it belonged to the province of Kars.

Population Igdir

According to the 2007 population census, the population of Iğdır is 181,866 people. 89,134 of them are female and 92,732 are male. The population consists mainly of Azerbaijanis and Kurds in roughly the same proportion. While the Azerbaijanis mainly live in the cities and do agricultural agriculture, the Kurds settle more in the countryside and are cattle breeders and grazers.


The 3,588 km² large province is characterized by the contrast between the mountain range of the Great and Small Ararat, rising from the Anatolian highlands in the south and the Aras valley on the border with Armenia. The peaks of the Great and Small Ararat (Turkish: Büyük Ağrı Dağı and Küçük Ağrı Dağı) are located in the province of Ağrı, which is named after them.

Temperatures can range from a maximum of 40 ° C to a minimum of -30 ° C. Noteworthy is the low rainfall compared to other places in the Anatolian highlands (about 250 mm annual mean), which is due to the proximity of the Ağrı Dağı.

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