Car Import - nearly no options for foreigner

Car Import - nearly no options for foreigner

European people who come to Turkey to spend their holidays over here, are allowed to bring their car, campervan, mini-bus or motorcycle into Turkey for at least 6 months within a one year period. After this period of 6 months, the car needs to leave Turkey.

When entering Turkey you need to show the registration document of your car to get the paperwork showing the import and export regulations for motor-vehicles. These papers need to be filled in and details of the motor vehicle will be written into the passport of the owner. That means when the owner needs to bring the car out of Turkey his passport is altered accordingly.

For reasons of study or business

European people coming to Turkey for work, research or study for a certain amount of time can bring their car or motorcycle in for the time stated in their contract of work, research or study. It is important to know that you need to deposit a certain amount of money when entering Turkey which will be repaid when you leave. When your studies or your job have finished, you will need to bring the car out of Turkey again.

After getting Turkish citizenship

European people who have settled in Turkey permanently and have got Turkish citizenship can bring their car into Turkey without any limit of time. Within three months of getting Turkish citizenship, which needs to be published in the official gazette of new citizenship, you will need to contact the Central Bank of Turkey to ask for the papers needed to import a car. After getting this permission you can bring your car into Turkey by paying tax on entry.
To put it simply: it is really difficult to keep your vehicle over here for more than six months. It is much better to buy a car here in Turkey.

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