Manavgat - Unspoilt Beauty

Manavgat - Unspoilt Beauty

The Town of Manavgat, being 76 km away from Antalya, is founded on the fertile plains on both sides of the Manavgat River and carries the same name.  

Manavgat is surrounded by the Serik Town at the west, Towns of Ibradı, Akseki, Gündoğmuş and Alanya at the east, the Tauros Mountains covering with dense forests and possessing many natural beauties at the north; and the Mediterranean at the south. 

As an evergreen town that is on the arms of the Taurous Mountains, Manavgat’s acreage is 2.283 km2 and has a coastline of 64 km. Her economy is based on agriculture, forestry products, open field stockbreeding, sea and freshwater products and tourism. 

As the time when the Town of Manavgat became a settlement is not exactly known, it is assumed that it goes a long way back in history. 

Besides coastal tourism, the region is fairly popular with water and river sports activities that are among sports tourism. In addition, mountaineering and climbing, camping tourism, nature trekking, jeep safari, biking, tableland tourism, culture tourism are rapidly developing.
In Manavgat where natural and ancient beauties are side by side, tourism is growing rapidly with new investments.

The Mediterranean climate, with hot and sunny summer periods and mild and dry winters, is the dominant climate in the region and the most important flora this climate creates are the marquis and pine forests. 

The most important river of the town is the Manavgat River, which hosts both domestic and foreign tourists with daily boat trips. The river that possesses two energy generation focused dams, as one being the Oymapınar and the other one the Manavgat Dam, is also world-famous with its Manavgat Waterfalls.  

The public bazaar that is formed every Monday makes a great contribution to the economy of this adorable town, which Manavgat River wraps it as a necklace. Every Monday a worth seeing activity is available, and it is recommended not to miss.

Manavgat Uplands

There are many uplands on the Taurus Mountains that are divided into two by the Köprüçayı Valley. 

The most important of these are Güğlenpınar and Beloluk Uplands, Avanos Beliği, Gücer Upland in the Tefekli Region, Kesikbeli, Akçaalan Uplands, Topalceviz, Alıç ve Demre Uplands, Dumanlı Upland and İkiz Upland on the slopes of the Bozburun Mountain. 

Most of the local population spend the summer period in these uplands.

B-24 USA Bomber Undersea Wreckage

The wreckage that lays about 200 m apart from the shoreline near Manavgat is determined to belong to the B-24 typed USA Bomber plane named “Hadley’s Harem” that crashed in 1944 while returning to her base in Cyprus after a bombing mission in Romania. 
On the wreckage recovery work carried out in 1995 the cockpit of the airplane had been recovered. 
Diving to the wreckage requires special permission to be taken.


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