Kurşunlu Waterfall Antalya - worth visiting!

Kurşunlu Waterfall - Antalya

Several times we have used our trips to Antalya to take a break at the amazing waterfall of Kursunlu, about 40 kilometers to the South-East of Antalya and to the South of the ancient ruins of Perge.

Maybe little smaller then the waterfall at Düden but much nicer in its natural surrounding, this place offers nice walking possibilities along the river. 

All the picnic area and the walking ways along the Kursunlu waterfall are kept much more natural in comparism to the Düden waterfall. All visitors loving to walk in the nature would prefer this place which is quiet and silent, offers a lovely atmosphere of trees and birds, turtles and trout. On the way to Kursunlu you will already pass nicely smelling pine forest, the parking is surrounded by huge trees offering shadow and cool air. The way to the waterfall on well kept natural walking ways and the amazing view onto the river bed makes forget the little longer way to the waterfall. Along the river you can reach different picnic spots which are being used by the visitors.

The amount of water falling into the valley will be smaller then at Düden, but they are creating some natural small lakes crowded by different sort of fish, even trout. At some silent spots turtles can be watched. The walk along the rivers always offers different impressions as soon as you change direction and gives lot of ideas and changing motives to photographers in the natural spot. A really beautiful and amazing short trip.

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