Patara Beach - relaxing after visiting the Patara ruins

Patara Beach

Once arriving at the village of Patara, following the road leading to the beach you will be quite surprised: no 5 star holiday hotels, no accommodation at the beach, no restaurants – just pure beach. More then 16 kilometers long and part wise 400 meters wide the sandy beach stretches along the sea side.

A paradise for swimmers and friends of sun bathing which is unique in Turkey. The sand is of nearly shiny white color but really hot in the summer. People preferring absolute silence and who just want to relax will not be able to find a better place. İt is unbelievable that the only noise you hear is the sound of the rhythm of the waves, nothing else is disturbing the quietness. From time to time some birds are passing, that’s it. The water’s color is changing from turquoise to dark blue depending on the deepness. Because there is just sand (no stones or rocks), no disturbing and injuring animals in the sea and best of all absolutely flat beach it is paradise for children as well.

The picture is completed by the Taurus mountains in the back showing their shape reaching high into the sky. Because the Patara beach is home for quite a lot of sea turtles caretta caretta breeding their eggs over here as well it is absolutely forbidden to do any construction along the beach. All the area is a well protected zone for rare birds as well. Please do not leave the beach for climbing into the dune, this can easily destroy birds nests. Next to the beach there are some signs fixed giving some information about the turtles population. Since about 95 million years the turtles exists on earth. To keep this going is the reason why is is strictly forbidden to go to the beach during the night. Please keep to this regulation and just enter the part open for public: next to the beach on the footpath leading to the beach. Then you can really relax and enjoy Patara beach.

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