Saklıkent Canyon - an adventure of climbing & hiking

Saklıkent Canyon

Once you are traveling from Patara to Fethiye, you should try tro visit the imposing canyon of Saklikent at the foot of the Lykian Taurus Mountain. It will take about an hour  from Xanthos in using the side road by car, but lot of signs will easily lead you to the canyon.

The Xanthos river who has given the shape of the canyon will show an always changing level of the water depending on the season of the year and the amount of rain or snow been falling in the mountains. So it can be an adventure already depending on the height of the water what you can live in entering into the canyon.

Vertically falling, up to 300 meter high cliffs are awaiting you. You may use a strong wooden stairway and footbridge to get into the canyon, always on top of the wild water surface of the river. Visiting Saklikent is an experience you will never forget, because of the staggering 16 kilometers into the canyon and the dizzy heights of 600 meters it will reach. You should leave your shoes at the restaurant and change to rubber shoes or diving shoes to walk properly through water and stones. First part seems to be very easy, but this will change little later. But be careful, you might need a tour guide to find out the most proper sometimes the only possible way in climbing, crawling and jumping forward. Depending on the level of the water you might not be able to reach the end of the canyon until the melting point of the ice field, giving the water. There will be a small waterfall at the middle of the canyon already which you will need to climb to continue. The hight of the water fall over there is about 8 meters. On the way you may use the mud of the river bed which is said to be very healthy for the body, so from time to time you will see “black” muddy smelling people.

If you have reached this point it might be enough already so it will be time to turn. A nice little restaurant is already waiting for you offering grilled trout, which tastes delicious. Now it is time to relax by watching the wild waters passing and for sure all the other walkers which now are entering into the canyon. If you like wild waters you can continue using the river for rafting or canoing.

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