Üçağız and Theimiussa in Kekova Region

Üçağız and Theimiussa in Kekova Region

A Lycia Story in the Country of Lights. A friendly fishing town with a natural harbor which is a good shelter for boats, islands situated randomly in the front, remnants in water and on land that are struggling to shed light on its history, a lovely tiny bay and its pensions which are mixtures of wood and stone.

The Üçağız region, which appears after we take the Kekova turn on the way from Demre to Kaş, not only meets our descriptions exactly but also provides us with the opportunity to rediscover the taste of life and the Mediterranean cuisine in its pleasant restaurants. 

The natural harbor that adds spice to the tourism in the region is of importance in terms of yacht tourism. The name “Üçağız” (Three Mouths) derives from the fact that there are three passages that enter the bay. With ferries and boats hired form here you can take tours to the Kekova Island, from which the remnants of Kaleköy and Baltık City where the Ancient City of Simena is situated, can be seen. The main point that renders the region attractive is the experiences you gain in company with the picturesque views you encounter on the road to the city remnants of the “Land of Lights”, Lycia, and with a magnificent sea where you can watch every tone of blue. 

While touring the remnants of the Ancient City of Theimussa, whose history we learned dates back to fourth century BC, you will once again witness the beauty of Üçağız region and the mystery of Kekova Island following a short climb. Most of the Lycia tombs that look like mysterious treasure chests date back to Hellenistic and Roman Eras. Ruins of a tower can also be seen on a small gate and rocks. 

In the inscriptions right behind the dock upon which a young man was depicted, it is written that it belongs to Kluwanimi. A great deal of tombs which give the impression that they are upon one another can be observed on the eastern coast of the village right up the sea.

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