Crossing the Devil's Valley to Adamkayalar near Silifke

Crossing the Devil's Valley to Adamkayalar near Silifke

Another sight of Roman antiquity awaits the traveller of the Kizkalesi area at the end of a river bed, which the locals call Devil's Valley. Almost always dry as a bone in summer, you can use the Teufelstal river bed for a hike to the ancient stone sculptures of people – let’s go to Adamkayalar.

A torrent, which is hard to imagine when you look at the remaining trickle and the name is probably only known to really die-hard local people, caused such huge masses of water due to heavy rainfall in connection with the snow melt in winter 2001/2002 that the effects even in Kizkalesi were still blatantly felt.

adamkayalar 2In late spring until well into autumn, however, a hike in the river bed is an option, especially since there is a rich fauna and flora to admire along the way. Pure nature, no disturbing noise from traffic or machines. As a small hint, it should be noted here that it is better not to hike in the months of July and August, as it is simply too hot.

The most pleasant time is really late spring, especially since then nature shows itself from its most magnificent side. Nature lovers will find peace and relaxation here on site, but they should not be beginners in mountain hiking, because there are also some easy climbs to overcome.

Roman stonemason at Adamkayalar

adamkayalar 1Once you have arrived at the top of the rock relief, a wonderful picture opens up after the hard hike, not only because of the overwhelming wall reliefs, but also the view back into the valley down to Kizkalesi is breath-taking. Comparable to the royal tombs of Fethiye and Kaunos, a Roman stonemason used the easier to work, softer rock up here in the first or second century AD to immortalize his family. Gradually, a relief image of various figures was created, which is now referred to as Adamkayalar, the stone people.

Of course we don't want to withhold that there is also an easier way to the stone people. However, it is not possible to get to the figures from above without hiking. Right on the outskirts of Kizkalesi, a small, winding road leads up into the mountains, some of which are even signposted. After about 6 kilometres you reach a dirt road that branches off to the left and leads to the rock terrace of Adamkayalar. Some of the stone figures are reached via stairs from Roman times and steps or rather steps from more recent times. In the meantime, also quite properly marked, the path is still not entirely without it. You should at least take care of good shoes, because from here you still have to climb in some places.

Sometimes you also meet "young" mountain guides who want to earn a little extra income with a tour to Adamkayalar. In any case, you should negotiate a price beforehand so that there is no rude awakening afterwards. If you do not want a guided tour, please make this very clear at the beginning: "Rehber istemiyorum".

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