Valbona - mountain settlement in the valley of the same name

Valbona - mountain settlement in the valley of the same name

Indicated already during the first 100 meters of the ascent into the Valbona valley, in spite of the foggy weather in the late autumn now, what a splendor of autumn colors would still await us in the further course of the valley.

At the same time the constant change of the cloud images, which followed the slopes of the mountains, strongly influenced the light incidentally.

The Valbona valley stretches for nearly 30 kilometers, with the village of Valbona being a small settlement about halfway up to the north. The place, which is rather a loose collection of residential buildings, is located in the municipality of Tropoja, some 20 kilometers northwest of Bajram Curr. Valbona is surrounded by high mountains with peaks of more then 2.400 meters. Among the highest mountains are Jezerca (2.694 m), Maja Grykat e Hapëta (2.625 m), Maja e Brijasit (2.567 m), Maja e Zhaporë (2.561 m), Kollata (2.552 m) and Zla Kolata (2.534 m) and the Maja e Rosit (2.524 m).

The long-distance trail "Peaks of the Balkans" pass through Valbona and the valley of the same name, which has become increasingly important in recent years. A highlight on the route is the Qafa e Valbona (In English: Valbona Pass), a mountain pass which is a mountain path from Theth to Valbona, which is increasingly popular with hikers. In the summer, the walkers along the way can use simple huts, which are closed now in the late autumn. If you want to use the autumn mood in its color splendor to make the pass, but you will still find numerous options of people, who still linger with the cattle herds on the mountain pastures. So one still moves in a human terrain. At the top of the pass, the National Park Theth and the National Park Valbona Valley meet.

In communist Albania, Valbona was a resort of the ruling upper class, so there was a hotel that is, however, destroyed today. In the meantime, however, small guesthouses and mountain huts have been built and some residents offer hikers accommodations in guesthouses. The whole area around the village belongs to the National Park Valbona Valley.

At the end of the asphalted you will reach a modern hotel, which is often used by group travelers. We had even met an investor from Tirana who would like to set up a campsite in the valley, the property has already been bought and prepared accordingly. The opening is scheduled for June 2017. As usual, we will continue to report on this too.

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