Skadar lies between the Skadar Lake and the rivers Kir, Drin and Buna. The border with Montenegro is only 34 kilometers away. The 2400 years old city has always been regional administrative center. Today Shkodra is Headquarters Bashkia (township) and capital of Qarks Shkodra.

For a long time the labeatian Kingdom was an eyesore for the Romans, when they started with the deployment of a Roman army in Illyria the first time in 229 BC. The first Illyrian war began, and Scodra itself and the Illyrian armies of Queen Teuta were defeated by the Romans. The labeatian Kingdom fell apart and the dynasty ruled over the area of the city. 168 BC it was conquered by the Romans and who interned King Genthius in Iguvium in Italy.

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