Adnan Maral and "Sultanines" from Berlin as highlights

Adnan Maral and

It was just before 5 p.m. Numerous guests were already gathering in front of the doors of the Bonhoeffer Hall in the EBW, including a striking number of young people and children. Grimme award winner Adnan Maral, known to many as Metin Öztürk from the Culture Clash cinema hit "Turkish for Beginners" and from the ARD evening series of the same name, was expected.

The first requests for autographs were already made at the entrance, followed by a reading involving the audience, then again autographs and selfies without even the slightest hint of a bad mood, in short Adnan Maral, an artist you can touch. Link: Adnan Maral

2 andi fab

Andreas Koller and his partner Fabiana Olsen settled in the foyer of the Evangelisches Bildungswerk. No matter where he performed on the hand pan, he was always surrounded by a fascinated audience. Link: Andreas Koller - street musician

3 backdoor connection

Then it was the turn of guests from Augsburg, who have been accompanying us to various events for many years: Backdoor Connection. Their program, which was presented in the EBW as an unplugged version, is geared towards independent music with their own lyrics. Link: Backdoor Connection

4 bookstands

Between the events, the book tables were always the focus of interest. Bookworms made extensive use of the selection of books on display, also to read the first passages.

5 discussion

Another highlight was the panel discussion with well-known authors and politicians who discussed the topic "Being Turkish in Germany - integration between inspiration and irritation". Participants in the round were Adnan Maral, Nevfel Cumart, Arif Tasdelen (Member of the Bundestag), Andreas Reindl and Gülistan Varli-Ünal.

6 discussion

Under the moderation and direction of Dr. Carsten Lenk came up with an interesting, thematically high-level discussion round, which could have filled the evening if the further program had not come to a timely end.

7 adnan maral

 Almost a self-explanatory picture of Adnan Maral that reflects his appearance without many words: close to his audience and without time limits. So even after the panel discussion, there were still more autographs that were done with rare ease and relaxation.

8 seref oeykue

This was followed by the appearance of the duo Öykü Sensöz and Serif Dalyanoglu, known for their classical Turkish music interpretations, who also made international appearances several times. Living in Germany, they are an example of Turkish classical music culture with appropriate instrumentation. Link: Öyku Sensöz and Seref Dalyanoglu

9 sultaninen 1

Probably the highlight with regard to the chosen theme was the group of actors "The Sultanas", who presented their play "Old Songs" under the direction of Hülya Karci. Link: The sultanas

10 sultaninen

Using old hits and songs, the members of the drama group, who as "pensioners" are at least 65 years of age or older, present their own migration history using examples from their local culture. A great play, great actors, enthusiastic audience.

11 mbn 1

Another music concept by bassist Chris Röhrl formed the conclusion of Saturday. "Mehr Brauchs´t Ned" can be classified in terms of concept in the range from blues to rock'n'roll, especially Dire Straits are skilfully interpreted by the guitarist Werner Norgauer. Link: More needs Ned

12 mbn solist

However, Nick Haschke also convinces with a wide range of vocal repertoire and a lot of irony in the overall musical performance. A successful conclusion.

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