10 Years Backdoor Connection - Anniversary Concert

10 Years Backdoor Connection - Anniversary Concert

So now the time had come – the day had come, the 10th stage anniversary of the pop-rock group Backdoor Connection in Augsburg's Kradhalle. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to experience both the stage construction with the lighting system and the group's sound check due to an invitation from the band.

After the first sound check of the individual instruments and microphones, priority was given to the placement of the musicians' seats on the stage, because in addition to the musicians belonging to the band, three guest musicians also had to be accommodated on the stage. Not an easy task on the almost too small stage of the Kradhalle, which was made available by KUKI Augsburg.

10 jahre backdoor c 1The entire sound check was extremely professional, no wonder, because everyone involved has been working in the industry for years and has a quick grasp and understanding of the necessary compromises that are necessary at live events. Around 8 p.m. the hall, which was equipped with beer tables and benches in the back, also filled up. Drinks were offered via the KUKI Augsburg, which were frequented by the invited guests and fans of the band, despite the initial cold in the hall. Only a little later, the band members took the stage and started the evening with their piece "First Touch", one of the diverse and varied original compositions from the early days of the group Backdoor Connection. The songs "Watching Eyes", "Lost Boy" and "Early Morning" followed, which was followed by Veronika Sax's first appearance.

Veronika Sax on Saxophon

10 jahre backdoor c 3As a guest musician on the saxophone for several years, Veronika Sax has almost become a full member of the band Backdoor Connection, so often have they performed together. Also isolated saxophone recordings for recording purposes for CD or video were conceived together. Veronika Sax also has a number of other commitments with her own band "Sax au Chocolat", a very successful saxophone quartet from Landsberg am Lech. The quartet with its four characteristically different saxophones – soprano, alto, tenor and baritone – offers a multifaceted spectrum from delicate melodies to an orchestral sound. The group's own slogan "Sax au Chocolat" is appropriately appropriate: "Sometimes crunchy like dark chocolate, sometimes sweet like milk chocolate, sometimes fine like mousse au chocolat, you can let the music of this ensemble melt in your mouth".

Guest musician Kurt Härtl on the guitar

10 jahre backdoor c 6The songs "Backside", "Die Zeit" and "Rose in the Desert" follow on the stage of the Kradhalle when further reinforcements enter the stage: Kurt Härtl joins them as a guitarist. A well-known figure in the scene for years, Kurt Härtl, who has lived in Augsburg since 2005, has been involved in a wide variety of projects throughout Germany. After studying at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz (jazz and popular music) and an intensive phase lasting 11 years in Munich, he found his place in the live and studio scene in southern Germany. Today Kurt Härtl, in addition to his appearances as a guest musician, works full-time at the Augsburg "downtown" institute in workshops with individual artists and on various topics. In small groups of a maximum of 6 people, concepts are developed that belong exclusively to one topic. As a rule, sheet music and audio CDs are provided as accompanying material, so that the course participants can continue to deal with the subject at home. In addition to the projects in music education, Kurt Härtl also runs other musical projects such as his bands "Tripple Talk" and "Big Yellow Taxi", which are also known far beyond the regional borders.

Carolin Roth as front singer

10 jahre backdoor c 4Only a few moments are necessary and the coordination between the musicians is as perfect as if they have been performing together for ages.

Of course, Kurt Härtl is familiar with the pieces of Backdoor Connection, no question about it, but certainly a good portion of professionalism is necessary to immediately and immediately recognize the band's "grove" and to contribute accordingly. It succeeds excellently, no question. The first solos are also almost perfect. The songs "I know", "Sunrise", "Pictures" and "Pure Energy Part II" follow.

In between there are small references to the history of the band's origins, individual pieces and their origin are explained. In between there was a lot of applause from the enthusiastic audience. Time to include the third guest musician: Carolin Roth.

Known far beyond the region as a singer for years, Carolin Roth also has a large number of different music projects in which she is active. This also includes the jazz formation "Baltazar Trio", which Caro has been supplementing and enriching vocally and lyrically for years.

10 jahre backdoor c 2 Mostly their own productions with a wide range of styles, whether with or without lyrics, often far removed from the well-known jazz pieces. Even German lyrics are very popular with the "Baltazar Trio". Another project is their own band "morgenRoth", which became well-known during a number of concerts in 2009, above all the already legendary concert at the Tollwood Festival in the Andechser Lounge. In the same year the CD of morgenRoth was created. Many other areas from jazz hip hop to gospel could be addressed here, a wide range thanks to excellent training in singing over many years.

With the appearance of Carolin Roth, the concert gains additional energy and the enormous presence of Caro on stage does the rest. So it's not surprising that the listeners are soon accompanying the musicians not only acoustically, dancing and clapping their hands. This is followed by "Yearning for life", "And that's allright", "Bad things passing by", "6to8" and "Izmir", a song inspired by performances in Izmir during the 2011 women's festival.

10 jahre backdoor c 5The next highlight is the song "Up tot he ashes", in which Kurt Härtl's guitar again plays a major role. "I feel the light" and "Without you" follow, performed with a lot of commitment and pleasure as the last pieces of this evening 10 years of backdoor connection.

There was a lot of applause and calls for an encore as soon as the musicians left. A few minutes later, the entire band is back on stage with support and interprets the instrumental experiment "Expedition Ra" relatively freely, a musical experiment in different styles that gives each musician enough freedom for a solo section. Carolin Roth's singing skills are particularly evident here, as are the effects that Uli conjures up from his piano and synthesizer. A successful evening that will surely be remembered for a long time.

Georg Koenig vocals and guitar
Frank Eberspächer bass and vocals
Ulrich Euteneuer Piano
Vincenzo Scalisi drums
Kurt Hartl guitar
Veronica Sax Saxophone
Carolin Roth vocals and shaker

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