Painter Halit Sahiner living in Gazipasa

Painter Halit Sahiner living in Gazipasa

As we were on the roads for "Turkish style” subjects again, we came across with oil paintings hanged for exhibition purposes in the office of a construction company located in Gazipasa.

Many details being hidden within the paintings made us remember M.C. Escher being Dutch Graphic artist. When we asked for the painter of these art works, we found ourselves in the drawing office where these paintings were done. 

A few minutes later we took the opportunity to meet Halit Şahiner and his wife Mrs. Bircan. They opened the doors of their "drawing office" in which it was impossible to work due to high temperatures (unfortunately, no air conditioning installed). 
Mrs. Bircan explained us paintings and their creation history wholeheartedly and her husband was born in 1965, but both deaf and speech handicapped. However, he achieved to hidden his overall energy and effort within these paintings. He made explanations regarding his paintings by his mimics and signs made upon explanations of his wife. No doubt, the person we met there was entrancing. 

Tea was steeped by neighbours and conversation shifted to family history and two children to the accompaniment of tea. Mrs. Bircan was a tailor when she first met to her husband. She showed first art work of her husband while talking about his love and desire against paintings. That painting was given by him as a gift. Fantasy of painter created by sea, small house and boat was not only embellishing his dreams. 

Both are from Gazipaşa and spend rest of their lives in here. Mr. Halit receives oil painting orders which are completed against fair prices by the painter including special nature paintings or building paintings. 
Perhaps, one day you may get the opportunity to visit Gazipaşa and our painter Şahiner and his dear wife in their drawing office. You can have your own oil painting thanks to this visit.

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