Melamine dishes: the benefits but a risk at high temperature

Melamine dishes: the benefits but a risk at high temperature

The Caravan-Salon in Düsseldorf once again showed the modern design of the camping equipment, which should be distinguished from normal day-to-day dishes for reasons of weight.

Many indications for the loading of a caravan or a camper have been given during the fair, mainly in Hall 18 in the so-called starter world. The respective load weight plays an important role for the safety of the user, but also with regards to the permissible total weight. So the dishes should be as light as possible, next to other equipments. Other factors in the selection of the dishes are the breaking strength as well as the noise development on the road.

The trend in caravaning for the reasons mentioned goes clear to colorful bowls, plates, cutlery and beakers made of the plastic melamine. This material can be dyed wonderfully, has a smooth surface and is unbreakable. What many do not know, however, is that the dishes contain some health hazards when used incorrectly. The manufacturers often do not point to the problem, according to a study by the German consumer centers. Dangerous to human health is melamine when it is heated to over 70 °. This happens, for example, when a melamine cooking spoon lasts longer in a pot of boiling soup or sauce, or if melamine dishes are placed in the microwave or possibly in the hot oven.

From 70 ° degrees, the starting materials melamine and formaldehyde are released and can thus get into the food. The limit values are significantly exceeded and we take up too much melamine and formaldehyde. It is assumed that formaldehyde can cause allergies as well as irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.
However, you do not have to give up your beloved melamine dishes. Tips on how plastic dishes can still be used in cooking even without cooking:
• Do not heat above 70 ° C!
• Use the cooking spoon only for stirring and do not leave long in the pot or in the pan!
And do not be afraid of tea, coffee or hot soups, all of which will be cooled down quickly enough at room temperature and can be considered without hesitation in the plastic containers!

Especially quiet
• Advantage for parents of small children: extremely low noise.
Pleasant feel
• Visually appealing, porcelain-like, feels very high-quality.
• Due to its plastic properties not as cool as porcelain.
• Solid wall thickness and surface brilliance are significantly higher than others Plastic utensils.
Very light
• Melamine dishes weigh only about 1/3 of porcelain.
• Easily accessible by children, physically handicapped persons or seniors carry.
Extremely stable
• Extremely unstable, fragile, durable, long-lasting.
• Ideal for children or motorized persons.
• To last a long time as glass or porcelain, therefore saving costs.
Environmentally friendly
• Reusable: melamine dishes contain the renewable raw material bleached cellulose and is ecologically sensibly recyclable.
• Lower heat capacity as glass and porcelain: food stays warm longer Crockery does not have to be preheated, cleaning is less Energy consumption.
Dishwasher safe
• Suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.
• Requires less energy than porcelain and glass.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) advises not to dispense with plastic dishes with melamine during cooking, frying and when using in a microwave oven. The Consumer Center reviewed the manufacturer's data for 78 different plastic products. The criteria included information on the material as well as usage and usage notes with appropriate temperature data. Only products for which the information is clearly and permanently identifiable are also sufficiently marked for trading. The sad result: With no manufacturer the information on the use was sufficient! For many products the information is only on the packaging, which is usually discarded after purchase. The consumer center therefore requires an exact identification of plastic dishes for consumers!

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