The 13th artthuer – Thuringia art fair in Erfurt.

The 13th artthuer – Thuringia art fair in Erfurt.

We were at the camping fair in Erfurt for the first time when we were made aware of the interesting poster for the art fair in Erfurt, the artthuer. There has been a cooperation with Messe Erfurt since its tenth edition, in particular with Haus.Bau.Ambiente. Fair, also a regional fair for home builders and interior design.

Get in touch and buy art directly at the exhibition stand

art text 2The artthuer is probably the most important podium for contemporary fine arts in Thuringia and is now known far beyond and thus reflects the characteristic Thuringian art landscape.

As a producers’ fair, it offers visitors the opportunity to talk to around 150 artists, to ask about the artists’ ideas and intuitions about their works and, if they like, to buy their art (works) directly at the exhibition stand.

Almost 9,000 visitors were counted at the last art fair in November 2018 (the one in 2020 had to be canceled due to the pandemic).

Supporting program with art events, performances and guided tours

art text 3Since its start in 1998, artthuer, which takes place every two years, has grown continuously (apart from the cancellation due to the corona virus): while there were 3,000 visitors and 90 exhibitors at the beginning, the events in the Thüringenhalle (the last time the exhibition was held in 2014) regularly attracted almost 6,000 visitors expected. With the move to the Erfurt Exhibition Center and the cooperation with “Haus.Bau.Ambiente.”, around 10,000 visitors came.

The exhibition planning team will allocate exhibitor stands and special areas for around 150 artists. The exhibitors at artthuer are showing an estimated 4,000 works of art from the fields of painting, sculpture, drawing, print and computer graphics, photography, video, jewelery or objects made of ceramics, glass, wood, metal, textiles and others. The special feature of artthuer is a supporting program with art events, performances and guided tours and the awarding of the artthuer art prize.

Erfurter artthuer shows young artists and conceptual art

art text 4A highlight of the fair is, among other things, the large gallery area from the Association of Visual Artists, which organizes the fair.

The latest works by more than 40 artists are presented here on nine by nine meters. "This should enable anyone who is new to the fair or wants to start collecting art to get an overview," says project manager Michaela Hirche.

At the "artthuer" visitors can not only look, but also buy - everything is there, from the small ring to the large sculpture. In addition to galleries and art connoisseurs, the target audience also includes art novices and those who are curious.

With porcelain rolls against famine

art text 5One of the conceptual artists is Cosima Göpfert from Bechstedtstrasse / Grammetal near Weimar.

She works with porcelain and uses it to make objects or pictures.

For the unusual "artthuer" 2020 she had already prepared small rolls and bread made of porcelain.

She developed this idea further. "And then one evening after I'd watched the news and it was about the famine again, I made a small donation - and the scales fell from my eyes," says Göpfert.

Mandy Rasch has been working in the Erfurt artist workshops for many years.

art text 8Her specialty: enamel. She not only makes necklaces and rings with it, but also pictures, plates and sculptures. For the art fair, she has prepared a painting in enamel that will be exhibited in the gallery area. At her own stand she is presenting, among other things, a ring collection that she has dedicated to the women of Expressionism. "A few rings have already found their way into strong women's hands, but I still have a few pieces," says Rasch. She is particularly looking forward to the fair because she can talk to people – both customers and art fans as well as colleagues.

At the 13th artthuer - art fair Thuringia, the Association of Visual Artists Thuringia e.V., as organizer of the Thuringian art fair, shows the project presentation "KunstTANDEM" from the series VALUE OF CREATIVITY.

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