Backdoor Connection at Wurzburger Hofbräu

Würzburg - Backdoor Connection at Wurzburger Hofbräu

As part of the "Hygiene Congress, Wound Congress, People in Focus", which took place from 07th to 09th of March 2018 at the Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg, the Augsburg band "Backdoor Connection" also kicked off with a 2-hour program of their own productions classic soft rock at the Wurzburger Hofbräu.

Georg Koenig, not just band leader of Backdoor Connection, but also caregiver, nurse-therapist Wound ICW, specialist in wound seal ICW and care expert had written a song especially for occasions like this: "Everything is colorful - the Wound Rock Song" which is used as an opening song  in various ICW events and of course is one of the highlights of the live event of Backdoor Connection in Wurzburg.

Decartes human image of the separation of body and soul

The ICW South / HWX Congress, initiated by the Schwarzkopf Institute, has been a well-known medical hygiene congress for more than 16 years, initially designed and implemented as the Bad Kissinger Academy Congress and the Wound Congress of the Initiative Chronic Wounds in the South.
Once upon a time, Rene Descartes (1596-1650), a French philosopher, mathematician and scientist, had developed a conception of man in which body and soul were separated: "For I cannot prove that God could not destroy the soul, only that it is of a completely different nature than the body and does not die with the body "(Letter to Marin Mersenne of December 24, 1640).

Throughout the last 400 years, the materialistic world view set the tone: Diseases were considered to be dysfunctions of the body, which had to be located and eliminated through pharmaceuticals. With acute danger of life this may apply. But this approach is reaching its limits, especially when psychosomatic and chronic diseases come into play.
The conceptions of Descartes concerning the existence of two mutually interacting and distinct "substances" - spirit and matter - are today known as Cartesian dualism, in contrast to the different variants of monism and to the dualistic natural philosophy of Isaac Newton, who describes the interaction of active "forces Nature "with the absolutely passive matter (see Newton's Law, First Law of Motion).

Own songs are the hallmark of Backdoor Connection

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_kultur_musik_w-backdoor-connection-h.JPGHaving known each other for years, we had invited the Augsburg band to some events, the attentive alaturka readers will remember the concert reports as part of the XC Paragliding Festival in Karaman / Turkey, perhaps also the German-Turkish Friendship Festival with the Goethe Institut Izmir a few years ago and the literary culture festival in Regensburg, where Backdoor Connection performed their own productions. Especially Izmir had done it to Georg since then, so that a song about Izmir and the local life was created (since then he also is passionate water pipe user). For October 2018 a three-day cultural festival in Vienna is planned with the participation of the band.

Just now a CD in co-production with the German World Champion WBF, reigning World Champion in the K1 of the WKU, professional boxer, kickboxer, bodybuilder, presenter, TV-speaker and singer Tina Schüssler was born. What else could be the title than "You know we are victors".
The musicians around Georg, vocals and guitar are Ulrich Euteneuer on keyboards, Frank Eberspächter on bass and vocals, Vincenzo Scalisi on drums and Helle Wahnsinn on guitar and vocals, all experienced musicians and in the composition (except for Helle Wahnsinn) Team that has existed for years and is approaching the 15th anniversary of its existence in big steps. Since Vicenzo is currently on drum lessons in the USA, drummer Stefan Ringeisen took over the part.

To finish the nights´program, Georg's played solo guitar between particularly enthusiastic fans in the big hall.

Backdoor Connection – a Band from Augsburg / Germany
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