Seven Albanian Photographers. A residency

Seven Albanian Photographers. A residency

Marubi Museum is glad to invite you at the opening of the exhibition “Seven Albanian Photographers. A residency” curated by François Cheval.

"Seven Albanian photographers, invited by the Art House and the Marubi Museum, meet in the city of Shkodra, former capital of Albania, to invoke simple and profound images that inspire them. Emigration, this exile that dare not speak its name, is their lot. What connects them, we do not know it yet: the spirit of the place, the attachment to the native country, the clear conscience of a national rebirth...

Taking a look back, they sometimes reconnect to the elderly still living in the country or even go further, to the ancestors and founding fathers. They do not analyze the landscape, they contemplate it. So close and yet so far, they do not know what to suppress or preserve. In a few trips made in a short time, they have sensed that the return to the country is accompanied by a dense fog, but it is never too late for this to happen."

For the first time, the museum spaces are opened to a group of young Albanian artists.

Their selection came through a joint open call of Marubi Museum and the Art House for the third edition of the artist residency Art House School (19 August - 15 September 2019) entitled “Beyond the image” with a focus on the close relationship between the author and the images along with the complexed possibilities activated by this.

The artists - Abi Shehu, Bib Frrokaj, Elton Gllava, Erdiola Kanda Mustafaj, Erjola Zhuka, Marlin Dedaj, Orestia Kapidani- spent a four weeks in Shkodra and through the presentation of their works, discussions about projects and initial intuition about future works, readings and screenings, reflections and debates over arguments, there was also created a space for individual research.

As to conclude the Art House School experience, this exhibition is intended to be a moment of introduction to the Albanian scene of contemporary photography, in a museum showing its attention towards this dynamics.

The exhibition - supported by the French Embassy in Albania and the Art House- will be opened at Marubi Museum and the Art House.

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