Two days a year - Christmas Market in Iphofen

Two days a year - Christmas Market in Iphofen

Once again we were guest at Brita, so, after a short over fly of the press releases, we decided to use the Saturday afternoons to go to Iphofen to the opening of the Christmas market.

While most Christmas markets have opened during the entire Advent season, the market in Iphofen only opens for two days, this year on 8 and 9 December.

At the foot of the highest mountain in the Steigerwald: Schwanberg

iphofen weihnachtsmarkt 1 In addition to some new impressions with regard to the Christmas market, we were also looking forward to the historic city center of Iphofen, because of its medieval and baroque old town complex, it is also a popular tourist and historical attraction.

Despite icy coldness, the blue sky is another reason to spend the afternoon outside.We noticed later on, that a visit during other season is more practical, so we will report later again.

According to our article, the Christmas market is scheduled to open at 3:00 pm, but most of the time, such appointments can not be precisely determined by the preparation of the various Christmas market traders.

So we took the time to drive slowly towards Iphofen, which lies at the foot of the highest mountain in the Steigerwald, so called Schwanberg.

Despite snowfall in the last night, the road is easy to drive.

iphofen weihnachtsmarkt 2Brita is convinced that many visitors have parked their vehicles in the center so that we leave our vehicle at the beginning of our way into the center.

This means the walk to the center, which gives us the possibility to view the historical buildings on the right and left along the road.

Now partially partly due to the snow covering quite slippery, the road cover made of cobbled pavement fits very much into the overall picture.

After a few minutes walk we reached the town hall square, where some sales stalls, richly decorated with pine trees, are built up for the event.

A local trombone chapel was erected in front of the town hall, giving a Christmas sound.

iphofen weihnachtsmarkt 3First, Brita took us to the wine-makers' fair, where some artisans from the region offer their products for sale.

In addition to the pottery for house and garden, there is also a picture book about the city, entitled "Iphofen - Between the Middle Ages and the Future" offered by the author Richard Schober, a personal dedication is possible too.

We continue to the Rathauskeller, where, in addition to Christmas baskets and homemade items from Iphofen, jewelery made of semi-precious stones as well as leather goods, hats and belts are being sold, there is also a stand with bee products.

The stand of Ludwig Endres from Hettstadt offers not only honey and other bee products, but also shows impressively how bee wax candles are produced.

iphofen weihnachtsmarkt 4Around the historic town hall there are stalls offering white and red mulled wine, fire tongs, burgundy and wild animal sausage, goods for the physical well-being is provided around.

On the stand of the Hofbrennerei Falk from Willanzheim, there are home-made distillates and liqueurs, in addition tohome made sausages. Herr Joachim Schlee has come from Markt Einersheim with his market stand and offers, next to his fruit wines, also hot Met and elderberry wine.

Here, too, there are further stands with woodwork, handmade dominoes and fruit bread. Hand-knitted gloves, stockings and scarves, sheep's milk soaps, silk flower arrangements and Christmas baubles of all kinds complete the picture.

Meanwhile, many visitors from the town of Iphofen and the surrounding area had found the way to the market, so that a colorful gathering was created, despite great cold. For us, the lively Advent calendar under the motto "apples, nuts, almond kernels not only children like " formed the conclusion of the visit of the Christmas market of Iphofen.

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