Camperstopp Zampetas - meeting point for Campers

Camperstopp Zampetas - a meeting point for Turkish Campers

After several days of exploration on Halkidiki and the Mount Olympus we needed to work up the last days on the computer and actualize the website in our "Office-caravan" urgently, a time which always brings new contacts to travelers by itself.

We were surprised at the large number of Turkish campers who now use the meeting point Zampetas both for shopping necessary Camper products or the repair- and service station as well as for sightseeing in Thessalonica, where many of them also visit the birthplace of Ataturk. Of course, Thessalonica also offers a great number of ancient buildings due to the location of the ancient Roman road Via Egnatia. Of course, we were soon involved in various discussions, were invited to tea or to a meal, just the typical hospitable behavior, how it still encountered in many southern countries. This inevitably led to the talks about just concluded Lent in Turkey.

After the period of Ramadan, now the day of a new beginning follows with privacy and indulgence. Ramadan is expected with joy and considered to be a new beginning by many Muslims, which offers a chance to recover in body and soul, or look for closeness to God again, so at least the religious background is described. The Feast of the then following Fitr (Turkish: Ramazan Bayram, or Fitr) at the end of Ramadan is, after the Feast of Sacrifice, the highest Islamic holiday which has been extended for the first time to 9 days, which allows the possibility of a longer holiday link for many Turks. Of course, this is only possible for those who have a visa or a corresponding passport of Turkey. Quite as simple as the usual boundless traveling Europeans, it is not possible for a huge part of the Turks. No wonder then, the Turkish campers are currently to be found traveling in greater numbers using these additional days of holiday.

So the Camper Community gathered together several times for common meal while "celebrating" the Sugar Festival. And in this way we also learned to know Öslem and Bora, a couple from Istanbul, which in itself developed their camper mobile and currently want to explore Greece together with their son. The strong interest of Boras for getting a photovoltaic system for his camper had led them to the visit to Zampetas. Already during the first conversations we learned that Özlem and Bora are active musicians, so the desire for musical presentations made the rounds. And once again, both showed motivated and spontaneous enough to take out their instruments after dinner and to present one or the other internationally famous songs.

Öszlem job is being music teacher for the instruments guitar, cello and accordion, she often deals extensively with mental-problematic children, who can be reached through the music. As well Bora is a music teacher, but for classical violin. Since both often play together, they are also available for public concerts, there was no question that quickly mood and singing of popular songs from their extensive repertoire appears.

Despite the sometimes disturbing noise of blasting planes we enjoyed the evening very much, in addition to the talks we could also report about our project activities and extensively discuss the situation in ecotourism in Turkey. Slowly but steadily people remember the once bigger groups joining the campsites of Turkey about 30 years ago especially frequented by Europeans. However we found numerous campsites in Turkey that can be renewed and reopened. With the beginning of mass tourism on the one hand and the conflicts on the Balkans on the other hand, these Camper routes came, however, to an abrupt end. A fact which one yet again can pay more attention to.

Especially in the context of our project, we want to point out the truly unique capabilities in the camper tourism, want to suggest ways to spend the winter in the south, which includes very attractive intermediate objectives with different activities, development and opening of camper places with enclosed outdoor activities as a sample like in Rapsani or in Alanya.
A beautiful Sugar Festival finale, which did not end until after midnight.

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